Male Characters We’d Love to Date

There have been many teleserye male characters who have swept fans off their feet with how romantic, pure, and caring they can be – “walking green flags” as Gen Zs call these types of men.

These guys shine both in appearance and character, with their physical looks matching their inner goodness. They are the definition of boyfriend material, the guys any girl would certainly wish to date in real life.


Bingo the Mr. Reliable

While he has problems of his own, he will still choose to drop everything and save you from trouble. He’s the modern-day hero who would shield you from a flying stapler, soothe your anxiety, and help you figure things out. Can’t Buy Me Love’s Bingo (Donny Pangilinan) earns our love whenever he stays by Caroline (Belle Mariano)’s side in times when she feels like she has no one. He makes her feel safe.


Snoop the Mr. Hilarious

Choose someone who makes you laugh. We mean, what’s not to love about a guy oozing with sense of humor? When things get too stressful, men like Snoop (Anthony Jennings) from Can’t Buy Me Love can brighten your day with his giant smile, outrageous facial expressions, and funny lines.


Nico the Mr. Nice Guy

Nico simply oozes kindness. In Dirty Linen, he soothes and helps Chiara (Francine Diaz) find balance during tumultous times in her life.  He doesn't pressure her to discuss her problems; instead, he allows her the space and time to open up at her own pace. Date someone like Nico if you need a guy who is patient and a good listener.


Eloy the Mr. Gentleman

While we totally understand why Eloy (Daniel Padilla) plotted a hotel heist in the pilot episode of 2 Good 2 Be True, it’s hard not to appreciate the things he’s done for the people he cares about. Remember when he paid for his friend’s father’s hospitalization? And when he met Ali (Kathryn Bernardo), he revealed more of his romantic and true gentleman side. Once he invites you out on a date, expect some ‘princess treatment’ from him – he’d probably give you flowers and ask you to dance. Men who are ‘laking-lola’ are mostly loving and caring, yes?


Brian the Mr. Protector

In Mars Ravelo’s Darna, the beautiful and strong Narda (Jane de Leon) protects the white stone that transforms her into Darna. But who gets to protect her heart? Enter Brian Robles (Joshua Garcia), the staunch cop who is willing to sacrifice his life for the people he loves. He’s the type to worry a lot about his loved ones’ well-being. So, when you date him, expect him to drive you home always to make sure you’re safe and check out on you throughout the day. Sweet.


Elon the Mr. Loyal

Elon (KD Estrada) from Pira-Pirasong Paraiso is fiercely loyal to his job, loved ones, and moral principles. Despite the danger, he helped Angela/Beth (Alexa Ilacad) out in many ways. And when his mom disapproved of Beth, he fought for her, and proved his love by asking her hand in marriage. That incredibly romantic surprise on a rooftop deck? You’ll likely experience one if you date Eloy.


Jordan the Mr. Appreciative

A guy who sees past your flaws and makes you feel beautiful? That’s Jordan (Carlo Aquino) from La Vida Lena. It’s in both the littlest and biggest gestures that Jordan proves his love for Lena (Erich Gonzales), even if sometimes, pain is all he gets in return. It’s in how he stays by her side to make her feel that she’s never alone. It’s in how he reminds her that she’s beautiful despite the scar on her face. It’s in how he prepares romantic dates so Lena would feel special.

No date this Valentine’s Day? Worry not! You can always spend time with these men of Kapamilya teleseryes by re-watching their series!