Kapamilya heartthrobs play word games from our childhood

Kapamilya stars McCoy De Leon, Albie Casino, Aljon Mendoza, Fumiya Sankai and Yamyam Gucong will bring you good vibes today by taking on the “Twistanong” Challenge. In this game, the players are tricked, asked to repeatedly pronounce a word that can be confused with the correct answer in the follow-up question.

Former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Fumiya Sankai showed off his Tagalog skills. He had to recite the word “oreo” ten times. Then, asked: “Ano’ng English ng bawang?” He answered “garlic.”

The word “fork” was followed by the question “Ano’ng English ng baboy?” Fumiya thought of its Japanese translation (buta) first before saying “pig.” He’s also challenged to give the English term for cat after repeatedly saying “mitten” ten times. The Japanese cutie charmed us with a perfect score!

The other half of the FumiYam ‘laugh team’ Yamyam Gucong doubled the good vibes. He repeated “feather” ten times and was asked “Ano’ng English ng pakpak?” Because of familiarity, “feather” was also the first thing that popped up in his mind. He had to say “matagal” ten times then snap-respond to “Ano’ng apelyido ni Gloria?” Yup, he answered “Macapagal” instead of “Arroyo.”

The word “silk” served as bait for the question “Ano’ng iniinom ng baka?” Funny Yamyam fell victim and blurted out “milk!” Lastly, after saying “junior” ten times, he tried to give the surname of “Fernando Poe.” His response was, “junior.” His reaction was so hilarious when reminded of the correct answer!

The next player Albie Casino would take pride in his correct answers for the “feather” and “oreo” rounds. When asked for the surname of Gloria, after reciting “matagal” ten times, he replied “Macapagal” with so much confidence. He was surprised when he was told the answer is “Arroyo.”

McCoy De Leon was just chill and unassuming. He breezed through the game and got a perfect score. We can tell you, he even knows the answer before the question is given. It seems McCoy loved playing this during childhood! In a round, he’s asked “Ano’ng English ng dahon?” after saying “glass” ten times. Some of us would fall victim and pull out “grass” instead of “leaf” from our brains. But McCoy would just smile and slay the game!

The challenged stemmed cute reactions from Aljon Mendoza, who also fell victim to the questions about the surnames of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Fernando Poe, Jr. In the last round, he had to say “corn” ten times, “beef” ten times, and “corned beef” ten times. Then, he’s asked for the English terms for ‘mais’ and ‘baka.’ He said “corn” and “cow.” Did you think the answer is beef?

Check out this video and try this game with your friends. Double the rush for more excitement!

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