Kapamilya Confessions: Jayda gets real on career, celeb crushes, “Paano Kung Naging Tayo?” MV leading man Rhys Miguel

Being one of the most promising young artists we have these days, Jayda Avanzado, more popularly known as Jayda, connects with her fans on a deeper level as she shares random firsts and lasts, and answers netizens’ questions on Kapamilya Confessions.

Jayda was totally down to answering questions which ranged from career-related ones to personal queries.

Let’s get to some of the highlights from this confession session. Not every public figure is brave enough to talk about embarrassing things that happened to them but Jayda was such a sport when this came out as one of the fan questions she had to answer. We won’t drop the details here but the keyword is “Richard.”

If you’ve been loving Jayda’s recently launched solo single “Paano Kung Naging Tayo,” good news because there were a lot of reveals about that too. Plus if you’re loving her and Rhys Miguel on the music video, Jayda also talked about the big secret behind her chemistry with Rhys. Speaking of Rhys, is he or is he not the last image saved on Jayda’s phone? You’ll have to watch the full video to find out.

Some of the more controversial questions asked was who the last person Jayda thinks about at night, and she teases her fans yet again by simply saying “Siya,” and “Basta alam na ni Lord kung sino siya.” Seriously Jayda, who is “siya?” Things quickly became personal when Jayda was asked about the last time she said the words “I love you.” Although she did say when the last time she said that phrase (it was last night), she didn’t say to whom. Who else wants to know?

During the confession, Jayda gushes over her international celebrity crushes whom she’s actually very vocal about. But if it came down to her celebrity crushes here in the Philippines, it was none other than Kapamilya actors Daniel Padilla and Enrique Gil. Don’t worry, Jayda. You’re not the only one.

Other song-related questions include the first song she sang perfectly and the first album she bought, who she would like to collaborate with in the future, and who she identifies with more as a singer: her mom or her dad. That’s a tough one given that both her parents are performers.

Even the most successful celebrities have bashers and so when Jayda was asked about the most hurtful remark she received from a basher, what’s revealed is just how strong her relationship is with her parents and her supporters. Despite the hurtful comments she gets, Jayda stands by focusing on the positives instead of giving the bashers power over her by paying attention to what they say. As her mom, Jessa Zaragoza, often reminds her, “Magpakatatag ka.”

All these and more enjoyable reveals are what’s in store for you in this episode of Kapamilya Confessions.