Karaoke Song of Celebrities

With Christmas right around the corner, we, Pinoys, are preparing to turn our karaoke mode on. Filipino gatherings wouldn’t be complete without a friend or a family member belting out the song they have memorized by heart, right? Sometimes they even know what key number to type in so they get the right song without looking at the songbook. In Pinoy slang, it’s their ‘pangmalakasan’ hit.

Kapamilya stars can certainly relate, as even they have a couple of karaoke tracks in reserve. In the video, they reveal their go-to karaoke anthem. 

Spice Girls is absolutely one of the most unbeatable artists of choice in a Pinoy karaoke setting. Whether it’s “Wannabe,” “Stop,” or “Say You’ll Be There,” Karylle has to officially get the party started with any Spice Girls tune. The Corrs has gifted their fans with some good karaoke pieces as well. Karylle says she’s a big fan of The Corrs, but her husband Yael Yuzon and It’s Showtime co-host Anne Curtis are the even bigger fans, “So I was, like, ‘Okay, I think we need to go back and sing the whole concert sa karaoke.’”

Sue Ramirez is likewise a fan of The Corrs, and her go-to karaoke single is “Breathless.” Kaori Oinuma would go for some ‘90s kilig like “Sway” by Bic Runga.

It doesn’t matter how tongue-twister the lyrics of “S2pid Luv” by Salbakuta might be; Janine Gutierrez had it imprinted in her brain.

Andrea Brillantes says her favorite song to belt out in the karaoke is “Buwan” by her Senior High co-star Juan Karlos Labajo.

We have not yet heard Kaila Estrada sing, but her friends and family have many times listened to her perform Corrin Bailey Rae’s “Put Your Records On.”

Since the karaoke room is also the best place for some emotional release, you might want to pick a track from Alicia Keys. Take it from Analain Salvador, who is guilty of channelling her inner ‘emotive diva’ ala Alicia Keys in karaoke sessions.

Marlo Mortel sings Lady Gaga’s “Always Remember Us This Way" a lot that he even made it into a cover. His other favorite is Dreams by Fleetwood Mac.

Comedy bar performers like Lassy consider Regine Velasquez as their icon, thus they know her songs down pat. He also likes singing love songs from other artists like Michael Johnson’s “Doors.”

Why not include these hits in your karaoke set list, Kapamilya?