Kaila expresses appreciation to Priscilla

From simply pouring acrylic paint onto their chosen canvases, Priscilla Meirelles and Kaila Estrada went on to have a more aggressive take on art as they played with paint balloons in the second part of their fun and insightful chikahan in the former’s vlog.

Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and brandishing toy guns they shoot the hanging balloons filled with paint in order to produce awesome art pieces. But before they even began, the beauty queen-turned-actress already have heavy question to the Linlang actress as she quizzed her about the pressure inflicted on her by having John Estrada and Janice de Belen as her parents. 

“Whenever they ask me that, I always say that I feel like the pressure isn’t really because of them. The pressure is more of what I put on myself because I just wanna do good, I wanna be good at what I’m doing. So, mas doon nanggagaling ‘yong pressure more than am I gonna be good enough for them or am I gonna be as good as them,” she conveyed.

With regard to how she feels about being compared to them, Kaila believes that it is inevitable. However, she has nothing but pride for what they have achieved in the industry, as well as gratitude for being their daughter, which makes it totally okay for her to be tagged as their child. Furthermore, she also emphasized that the three of them are different people, so each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Being the proud stepmom that she is, Priscilla firmly believes that the time will surely come that Kaila will be able to step out of her parents’ shadows. With how talented, humble, and constant learner Kaila is, she knows in her heart that she is really go far in her showbiz career.

And speaking of stepmom, the beauty queen-turned-actress also quizzed the Can’t Buy Me Love star about how she is as a madrasta to her and her siblings. The latter initially thought that she was just joking, but the former said the she was serious about it. Thus, Kaila conveyed, “I can’t really say anything bad to you because you have always been so accommodating, very caring. And we really do appreciate it, so we’re really grateful to have you in our lives.”

Likewise, Priscilla is also grateful and blessed to have John’s brood as her stepchildren because of how kind they all are, which she credits to both their parents for raising them well, and of how they warmly accepted her in their lives.

Priscilla then veered the interview to Kaila’s noteworthy stint in Linlang, wherein she plays the role of Sylvia, the sophisticated yet fierce wife of JM de Guzman’s character Alex. According to Kaila, she actually has a lot of difficult scenes as she confessed being nervous everyday since it’s her first time working with everybody and it is indeed a powerhouse cast, too. But the hardest scene for her would be her confrontation scene with the Diamond Star Maricel Soriano, wherein she had to yell at her and push her so hard, which she found really nerve-wracking since she never imagined doing it to her because she is the one and only Maricel Soriano.

“I’m also grateful and fortunate also na no’ng time na ‘yon, we became really close also. Pero sinabi ko sa kanya na, ‘Nay, honestly kinakabahan ako kasi natatakot akong sigawan ka or masaktan kita.’ And she was nice to be like, ‘Hindi, huwag kang matakot sa akin’, and she even taught me really good lessons,” she related.

Then she added, “Sabi niya, kahit na sinong katrabaho mo na senior sa’yo, na feeling mo nahihiya ka or nai-intimidate ka, don’t internalize that while doing the scene kasi, one, it will affect your performance, and two, hindi rin siya magiging beneficial doon sa taong ka-work mo kasi mahihirapan din siya sa’yo. If kakabahan ka, you’ll not be able to deliver the way that they expect you to.”

They even remade one of Kaila’s iconic scenes with Kim Chiu, in which Sylvia stated the resounding line, “Kung merong kailangang isusi, i-padlock at itali ng barbwire, ‘yan ay ang panty mo.”

The two then talked about their pet peeves, with Kaila imparting that her greatest one is mixing a variety of food in one plate, which Priscilla revealed is the same as her stepsister Anechka, because she doesn’t like their tastes or flavors to combine. It also annoys Kaila to be late or to wait for anyone. Priscilla, on the other hand, dislikes people who are crabby, moody, and always complaining.

When it comes to her dream projects, Kaila disclosed that it’s going to be action – just like what Anne Curtis did in her 2018 film “Buybust” – as well as suspense-thriller or horror-thriller. It’s because she knows that there’s so much for her to discover about herself and her capabilities as an actress since she hasn’t reached the ceiling yet. Thus, she’s really eager to try everything and see what she can do more.

The Miss Earth 2004 titleholder also asked her stepdaughter for any tip or advice that she could impart to those who are either aspiring to become an actress like her or just starting in the industry. For Kaila, the first important thing they must learn is to be patient because nobody knows what opportunity is going to be a big break for them and when it is going to arrive. Besides, they must have determination and stay hungry because they are going to be only good as their last project.

She expounded, “Tingin ko kasi sometimes, when you get too comfortable or when you become a little bit complacent, that’s when you stop growing e. So, I feel like it’s important also to stay hungry and constantly do the work and constantly learn new things about the craft and about yourself. [Look for] new experiences also because that adds to what you’re capable of giving in terms of acting.”

While many of the artists that we admire in the local entertainment scene started out early, Kaila imparted that she actually has no regrets for beginning her career in her late 20s and during the pandemic because she strongly believes in right timing.

“When I entered showbiz I was 24. Marami na akong na-experience sa buhay. I’ve already matured a bit emotionally when I entered showbiz, so it helped a lot in terms of learning the craft kaya feeling ko, my timing was just perfect. And I also feel like my timing opened a lot of opportunities for me na I’m not sure I would have had I started early,” she shared.

And lastly, when asked if there’s one thing in her life that she wishes to change, Kaila said that there’s none because everything happened the way it’s supposed to and she feels like she is who she is at present because of everything that happened to her. But if it’s about herself, it would be for her to become more forgiving and more open toward people or things that will upset her.