Kaila bonds with stepmom Priscilla

We may not see it often, but Kaila Estrada is apparently close with her stepmom Priscilla Meirelles. And we’re able to witness that in the latest vlog of the beauty queen-turned-actress, in which she invited the Linlang and Can’t Buy Me Love actress for a lighthearted and insightful chikahan about her life in and out of showbiz as they did fluid painting.

Their conversation commenced with Priscilla quizzing her on what made her decide to follow the footsteps of her illustrious parents, veteran thespians John Estrada and Janice de Belen, in the entertainment industry, even though she was initially not keen on becoming an artista.

“I was modelling first and I was doing that for a number of years already. And then parang sabi ko sa sarili ko na parang what else can I do? What more can I do? What other passions I can discover? Kasi I realize during that time also, I wasn’t really putting myself out there anymore. So parang wala lang, I guess it was just a light bulb moment na I’m also getting older. Why not give it a try while I still can? And I really didn’t know that I would love it and in this is something that I wanna do for a long time,” Kaila related.

According to her, she opted not to immediately tell her parents about her plan because she wanted to decide on it and do it on her own first, to see if it was something that she could do all by herself. Besides, she firmly believes that if showbiz is really meant for her, she’s going to be able to do it. Therefore, she initially opened up about it to her manager in the modeling agency that she’s been a part of and only told her parents when she finally got a casting schedule – much to their shock.

When quizzed by Priscilla about what she could be possibly doing at present if ever she’s not in showbiz, Kaila disclosed that she is actually considering studying abroad to become a chef. Her love for food, especially desserts, and passion for cooking and baking, which she apparently got from her mom and was inspired by their fully-equipped kitchen at home, are what encourage her to further improve her skills in those favorite hobbies of hers.

As they poured paints onto their respective canvases, the Miss Earth 2004 titleholder veered their conversation to Kaila’s experience in growing up with a bunch of siblings. It’s widely known that Kaila has three siblings with Janice and John, namely, Inah, Moira, and Yuan. Although they have their own share of fights and misunderstandings, which is common in any family, she imparted that having siblings is among the many things that she’s grateful for in life.

“One of the things that I’m super grateful for is my siblings kasi it’s fun. It’s chaotic at times, pero masaya e. Masaya ‘yong maraming kapatid at saka parang you have built-in best friends. So, you have people that you can talk to, and you live with them, so they know you really well also,” she conveyed.

Kaila proudly exposed as well that she’s a ‘pakialamera,’ or someone who tends to meddle with other people’s matters, when it comes to the lives of her siblings. Aside from the joy that they bring into each other’s lives, their presence is already enough for her to feel that she would never be really alone, both literally and figuratively, because she knows for sure that they always have each other. Whenever they are together, Kaila shared that they usually bond through food, watching movies, and mostly catching up.

It was also revealed that their family is a certified dog lover since they currently have 10 furbabies, with Sansa apparently being her favorite as it sleeps with her in bed. However, she couldn’t take the credit for taking good care of them since she has been usually out of the house and busy with work, so she has their yayas Letty and Inday to thank for.

With regard to being an exclusive talent of ABS-CBN after sealing the deal with them in the “Forever Kapamilya” contract signing event that happened early this year, Kaila described it as a “surreal” feeling for her.

“I’m so happy that they gave me this opportunity in such an early stage in my career. I can’t really say anything else except that I’m so grateful. Even sitting there with all the bosses and signing, I was so tense, I was so overwhelmed kasi I just couldn’t believe that it was already happening. And I just feel so grateful and so blessed,” she conveyed.

Priscilla went on to express how proud she is of her stepdaughter as a lot of people she knows who got to work with Kaila are all praises to her work ethic and prowess as an actress.

Watch out for the continuation of their chikahan in the next vlog of Priscilla!