Jaya talks about “Queen of Soul” album, introduces Ripley on Kapamilya Chat

As the community quarantine eases up, Jaya is adjusting well to the new normal. Typically, she and her family only leave the house when absolutely necessary. During these quick trips, she keeps in mind to practice social distancing and wear gloves. “’Pag hindi importante, wag na lumabas,” she added. The world is changing but at least we can listen to Jaya’s album to distract us.

“Queen of Soul” is her first album under Star Music Philippines. Initially, the OPM singer was reluctant to use this title, but it was important for her career as a performer. “It’s more of reestablishing Jaya as a concert artist, as the Philippine’s queen of soul,” she explained. In the 2020 Star Awards for Music, she earned the “Album of the Year” award.

Admittedly, there were moments when Jaya considered quitting show business. There are good seasons and then there are bad ones. At the end of the day, she learned that the key was being with people who can give good advice through the ups and downs. “You just surrounded yourself with that type of people na definitely positive ang maririnig mo para pati ikaw, hindi ka nawawalan ng hope,” she said. One perfect example was her late mother Elizabeth Ramsey who was still performing at 83 years old. “There’s no stopping point unless you stop,” she added.

The first two songs that were included in the album were “Kasalanan Ko Ba” and “Hanggang Dito na Lang”, both of which are sad songs. Although, they are not all about heartbreak. Jaya wanted to try other music as well, a variety of sounds and emotions. “Basta kung ano ‘yung babagay sa akin na hindi nila ine­-expect na gagawin ko,” she stated. After listening to “Queen of Soul”, she hopes that the listeners will feel the same way she does when singing each song.

Jaya’s comeback song “Hanggang Dito na Lang” was written by Rox Santos. “This song was such a blessing,” she described. It was the theme song for the Korean drama “I Have a Lover” when it was aired on ABS-CBN. It also received the “Awit Award for Best Ballad Recording” in 2019. Currently, it has millions of streams across different digital platforms. This was the confirmation she needed to stay in the industry. Indeed, she still has a long journey ahead, despite the constant stream of new talent joining the scene.

Kasalanan Ko Ba” was written by Yeng Constantino. Jaya only has praises for her fellow Tawag Ng Tanghalan hurado which is why she did not hesitate to request a song. A few days later, the “Ikaw” singer already had demo recorded.

“Miracle Child” was inspired by Jaya’s own birth and childhood. According to her mother, she was not supposed to be born which made her a miracle. Later on, Elizabeth Ramsey would shape her life and groom her to be a star. “Siya lang kasi talaga ‘yung naniwala na magaling ako kumanta,” she shared.

Now, she has a family of her own. Throughout the community quarantine, she stays busy doing house chores. Luckily, her children are grown up and can help out too, especially since their family includes Ripley the Presa Canario. Also known as Canaray Mastiffs, they are a breed of guard dogs. Her husband Gary Gotidoc is the one responsible for training Ripley and teaching him tricks. The fun part is they use French words to command Ripley.

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