Janice Javier comes out with self titled debut album
“I’d like to be a singer when I grow up”, Janice Javier shares as she recalls her incredible musical journey. This songstress has come a long way from sending personal recordings for his father abroad at the age of 4, her parents immediately noticing her innate talent for music. With over 20 years of performing experience here and abroad, it’s Janice’s turn to showcase her music to the best audience in the world.

Janice’s life has always been musical – never without it. Her dad, 2nd generation Hotdog keyboardist Rolando Javier, honed her interest under his watch and trained her to become a better vocalist. Soon enough, she’s singing at choirs and contests. It wasn’t long enough until she did music professionally during her entire high school years as a multiplex, commercial jingle, and back-up singer for various clients and bands. She even flew abroad to sing at popular music establishments in Korea and Thailand, even gaining a following in every country she performs in. “In everything I do, there’s always music,” That’s why when The Voice Of The Philippines were on the lookout for auditionees, she knew she had to do it.

4 chairs turned, intense voice battles after, Janice finished strong in the competition holding the banner for Team Apl (The Black Eyed Peas member, apl.de.ap’s group). It was one of the biggest and best decisions she made in her life, even having doubts at first since her music life in Thailand is picking up; having performed in huge concerts and being in talks with labels and promoters there. But she was glad that it happened, finally singing for fellow Filipinos. With her record and management deal with MCA Music, she’s ready to bring all she’s got with her self-titled debut album featuring handpicked high-range selections and classics that showcases her flexibility as a vocalist.

“Janice Javier” features the carrier single “Never Knew Love (Until I Met You)” written especially for her by foreign composers Tjeerd van Zanen and Natassja den Toom. Not to be missed is her collaboration with her coach apl.de.ap – “Breathe” which she composed herself. The album also includes her covers of the hits “Heaven Knows”, “Why Can’t It Be?”, “Dust In The Wind”, “He’s Out of My Life”, “I Believe I Can Fly” as well as recorded versions of her performances from The Voice of the Philippines like “Chain of
Fools”, “Imagine”, “The Greatest Love of All” and the original song “Coming Home”. Added as a bonus track is her own rendition of “Starting Over Again”.

This success comes without a challenge. “One of the most difficult crowds to please (are the Filipinos) that’s why it’s fulfilling,” Janice admits that she isn’t the cookie cutter diva the Pinoys are used to seeing on TV but her talent is enough to wow crowds all over the country. The fiercely real Janice holds her Coach Apl’s advice dearly: “Be yourself”. Despite her initial fears and insecurities, the support from the fans keeps her going and pushes her to improve more. “Never stop learning, never stop practicing.”

With her big voice and big heart for music comes even bigger dreams for Janice – hoping to finally rap and do her own rap and RnB album featuring her own material like Missy Elliott and do collaborations with both local and international artists! But the her biggest dream is to put up a music school where kids can go for free and to take care of herself better to make music for more years. With her talent and experience, she’s going to be here for good, sharing her wonderful stories through song.