WATCH: James Reid and Nancy McDonie give fans a sneak peek of their roles on The Soulmate Project

James Reid and Nancy McDonie are ready for their roles on the highly anticipated The Soulmate Project! As an early Valentine’s Day gift to their fans, here is a sneak peek of their initial transformations into Jayson and Binna.

PHOTOS: Look Test of James Reid and Nancy McDonie for The Soulmate Project

Last February 03, they stepped into their characters for a look test and script reading. The Kapamilya actor could be seen wearing an orange shirt underneath an apron and then a dapper suit. Meanwhile, the K-pop idol from MOMOLAND was styled in a white dress and then a long pink gown.

This day also served as an icebreaker as the two begin to build their chemistry together. “It was a wild experience for today. We did all sorts of things,” Nancy shared. This 2020 series will be her Philippine TV debut. Guiding her, and the rest of the cast, from behind the cameras is director Antoinette Jadaone. “She’s so great. She’s really good at explaining what we should do,” the “BBoom BBoom” singer described working with the famed director. As for James, this is not his first time with Direk Jadaone. They previously worked together in the teleserye On the Wings of Love and Till I Met You.

Jadaone, who is also the writer, shared that The Soulmate Project will have 13 episodes. Similar to the format of US and K-drama shows, by the time this new series airs, all the episodes will have already been filmed. It has been revealed that there will be scenes here in the Philippines as well as in South Korea.

In this look test, you can catch James and Nancy slow dancing and staring into each other’s eyes. This only a teaser, yet we can already feel their promising on-screen chemistry. How excited are you for The Soulmate Project?