Iwas Kulob Rainy Day Laundry Hacks

Living in a tropical country like the Philippines, moms are used to living in either the hottest or wettest weather
conditions depending on what month of the year it is. But if doing house chores is hard when the sun is extra hot outside, doing laundry during rainy season becomes the extra challenge for everyone especially during typhoon season. Want to avoid that all too familiar ‘kulob’ scent when you air drying your laundry outside? It’s definitely possible! Here are our top three rainy day laundry hacks that will give you the best smelling laundry no matter what the weather is outside!

  1. Make use of a new FREE laundry tool! Your new laundry buddy!

This proactive and FREE laundry-planning tool that helps you plan for your laundry routine. Signing up is easy and members will get to receive weather forecasts, wais anti-kulob tips, links to kulob prevention articles, and the chance to avail of discounts for Surf Fabric Conditioner Charcoal Fresh on Shopee. And not just that, from July 19-26, users can receive FREE UCOINs that can be converted to free load!

        2. Be a Weather Expert

Gone are the days when you needed to play a guessing game with the weather. With the help of weather forecasting sources like the first ever SURF LABAssistant, you can easily get the weather forecast for the week depending on your specific location which lets you plan ahead for your laundry schedule and give you more time for yourself and your family.

        3. Use Odor-blocking Fabric Conditioner

And on days when you can’t avoid the rain, knowing what to use with your laundry is just as important as knowing when to do it. Don’t let rainy weather affect how your laundry smells by using the right product like Surf Fabric Conditioner Charcoal Fresh with Odor Block Power, you can prevent the kulob smell and get great fragrance—all at an affordable price!

Now you can wash clothes rain or shine with the help of SURF LABAssistant and Surf Fabric Conditioner Charcoal Fresh with Odor Block Power get blooming bango and say goodbye forever to that ‘kulob’ scent even with clothes dried inside the house.

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