Ivana Alawi Never Have I Ever Spicy Noodles Game

Ivana Alawi and her family – Mommy Fatima, Amira, Hash, and Mona – endear netizens with their genuine love. Part of that love is being fearlessly honest with each other, which we got to witness anew as they took on a no-holds-barred “Never Have I Ever” Challenge in Ivana’s latest vlog.

They selected the best “Never Have I Ever” questions from their social media followers. Here’s the twist: whenever a player admits to experiencing the mentioned situation, they must eat spicy noodles, of which the spiciness moves up to four different levels as the game goes on.

The game was as entertaining as it was revealing. One particularly amusing moment in the video was when they got a question on whether they had fallen in love with Coco Martin, and then everyone glanced at Ivana. However, Ivana clarified that what she felt for her “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo” co-star remained just a crush, “Naging crush ko siya, hinahangaan ko siya pero may limit ‘yun. I respect him.”

She added that actors must learn to manage their emotions and not fall in love with a co-star at the drop of a hat. On another question, she said that she’s never kissed a celebrity behind the cameras or outside work.

But she did confess to having dated another celebrity. During the game, she also spilled that she splurged a large amount of money on a guy. She never attempted to cheat in a relationship, though she had been cheated on.

We also discovered that she learned independence at a young age. She had to travel alone at just 6 years old from Bahrain, where she resided with her father, to the Philippines to visit Mommy Fatima.

Some juicy discoveries were added to the mix when Ivana’s sister, Amira, admitted to recently liking and kissing a girl. Ivana likewise disclosed that she had also kissed a girl but as part of a dare.

The family unanimously agreed that they had never been fake with a friend, backstabbed someone, or bullied a classmate. Moreover, the Alawis are not the type to get into a relationship with a friend’s ex-partner, as they wouldn’t want to break the girl/bro code.

On certain questions, they were all found guilty, such as cheating during a drinking session, having a crush on a non-celebrity, cheating in school, and lying to their parents.

Hit the play button and hang out with the Alawis!