Ivana grocery shopping for less fortunate

We can all agree that Ivana Alawi has been doing a great job in taking on the role of Bubbles in the well-loved primetime series FPJ’s Batang Quiapo. But whenever she’s not on the set, she is likely to be seen roaming around the metro to look for kindhearted individuals with whom she would share her blessings – just like what she did in her latest vlog.

Subscribers of her YouTube channel probably couldn’t believe their eyes upon seeing the title of her newest vlog, “BUYING THE WHOLE STORE CHALLENGE,” which is something that she nor any content creator had done yet before. In this challenge, she and her team went to a humble community to search for a sari-sari store from which they would buy a large portion of their stocks and giving away those to less fortunate people.

To determine the lucky recipient of her fantastic surprise, Ivana told her personal assistant Jen to try asking for food at the first store they spotted to see if the storekeeper would give her anything. Impressively, one of the customers handed Jen her loose change, while the storekeeper gave her two cake bars. Thus, Ivana and her team immediately went to the store to talk to the one tending it, who turned out to be just the keeper since the owner was out of town. She was able to speak to the owner via video call, who allowed them to go inside and do the challenge at her store.

Ivana and her younger sister Mona were impressed with the wide array of merchandise the store offers, from groceries and pet foods to beauty and care products, including the ones that she endorses. While waiting for the storekeeper named Luz to finish with the inventory and computation, she, Mona, and their Mama Fatima brought joy to the neighborhood by giving away ice creams to those who came there to see her.

The following day, Ivana and Mona packed all the grocery items and a P1,000 bill each, and roamed around at a bustling area in Manila to distribute those themselves to the less fortunate people they encountered on the streets, with the help of Mama Alawi.