Ivana Alawi Street Games Challenge

She may be one of the most popular celebrities in the county at present, but FPJ’s Batang Quiapo star Ivana Alawi used to have a simple yet fun and memorable childhood just like many of us – which she has always been proud of to share and recall over and over again in her media interviews. And she recently had the chance to relive it in the latest vlog uploaded in her YouTube channel!

As what the title “Street Games with Strangers Challenge” suggests, she played various well-known Filipino street games – namely, jolens, tumbang preso, sipa, and Chinese garter – with random strangers, but with a fun and exciting twist! Whoever gave them 10 pesos automatically received 10,000 pesos as a reward for their generosity, while the one who won in the games was given the 30,000 pesos jackpot prize. However, those who were not fortunate enough to win still didn’t go home penniless as she handed them consolation prizes. 

While she had the opportunity to play on the streets since coming here to the Philippines when she was only 8, she sought the help of her Mama Alawi, who she regarded as a “professional” and “expert” when it comes to street games. Aside from her mom, she also had one of her friends, Karen, as their accomplice in searching for the six contestants who would participate in their game. 

Karen seemingly didn’t have a hard time looking for participants as the people she approached all willingly gave her 10 pesos. They were Amelita, a housewife; Rosalinda, a puto bumbong vendor; John John, a peanut vendor; Testa, tricycle driver; Jericho, a tow truck driver; and Ricardo, a santol vendor.

The first pair to take on the challenge was Amelita and Rosalinda, who played jolens. They were succeeded by by John John and Testa who had a showdown in the Chinese garter, then by Jericho and Ricardo who tried their skills in sipa. Since they were the ones who won in their respected games, it was Amelita, John John, and Ricardo who went face-to-face against each other as they played three rounds of tumbang preso. 

In the end, it was John John who dominated Ivana’s challenge and was awarded the 30,000 pesos jackpot prize. Amelita and Ricardo, on the other hand, both received 15,000 pesos as consolation prizes.

The Kapamilya actress expressed her delight to John John, who, despite only having 30 pesos in his pocket, still chose to give one-third of it in order to give help. When asked how he would spend his winnings, he imparted that he would send it to his mother in Mindanao. 

These benevolent strangers only prove that it’s indeed still possible to extend help to those who are in need despite not having much in life. 

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