Ivana & Zeinab Handcuff Challenge

The “Alake” sisters are reunited!

When we talk about sisterhood, the friendship between Ivana Alawi and Zeinab Harake easily comes to mind. The two are so close and alike in many ways that they can pass off as real sisters.

In Ivana's recent vlog on her YouTube channel, they proved their closeness – quite literally – by handcuffing themselves to one another while taking on various activities, from food trips to selling perfumes, playing arcade games, and even going to the toilet together.

Ivana opened the video by greeting her followers, and then showing the pink handcuffs she was holding. The “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo” star mentioned that she's feeling clingy and looking for someone to spend the day with. Just imagine her excitement and the girly shrieks that erupted when she saw Zeinab’s car parked nearby and asked if they could be handcuffed together.

The first challenge was to eat hotdog sandwiches from a drive-thru. Feeling that it wasn't enough, they decided to get out of the car to buy street food, reminiscent of their previous collaboration where they acted like twins.

Eating with their arms shackled together was quite easy. The real challenge came, though, when they needed to use the restroom, with Zeinab needing to answer “the call of nature” and Ivana struggling to pee in a bodysuit. The struggle was real, but there’s nothing that humor and teamwork can't fix, right?

“Ang importante hindi tayo maghihiwalay,” they said as they headed to the mall for the next challenge: selling perfumes. The crowd went wild upon seeing the lovely ladies acting as saleswomen in the perfume store. The first customer offered 7,000 pesos for a single item and suggested they donate the rest to the homeless, but Ivana and Zeinab didn't want to trouble the buyer by accepting his money. Instead, they allowed him to pay for the one bottle he picked.

Next stop: the arcade. How do you play basketball with just one hand? The funny duo will show you! They also enjoyed the indoor go-karting activity. Despite their combined prowess in maneuvering the claw machine, the girls still didn’t get lucky in winning prizes.

For the final stretch of the challenge, they went to a toy store to buy gifts for Zeinab’s kids.

The girls enjoyed each other’s company, no doubt about that. However, they had to part ways. “Ito ‘yung hiwalay na hindi ko matanggap,” was Zeinab’s hugot joke, to which Ivana added, “Masaya siya kasi ramdam natin ‘yung closeness ng isa’t isa.”

We know that you wish you could also have the chance to be as close to Ivana and Zeinab. Well, the closest thing to that is bonding with them by watching their latest collab!