Kapamilya Teleseryes Faith in God

Over the years, we have arguably seen hundreds of teleseryes that do not only provide us with quality entertainment, but also give us deeper insights on life through narratives that reflect reality. While majority of the series that have been served to us are secular, ABS-CBN has also offered stories that are inspirational and faith-based, which uplifted us spiritually and fortified our belief in God.

As we’re about to commemorate the passion of Jesus Christ this coming Holy Week, let us revisit in this feature five of the most inspiring tales that warmed our hearts and stimulated us with the lead characters’ unbelievable encounters with God and/or other significant figures in the Christian faith.


May Bukas Pa (2009)

Of course, May Bukas Pa wouldn’t be missing in this list. This iconic series, as we all know, follows the story of a wide-eyed little boy (both literally and figuratively) named Santino (Zaijian Jaranila), who doesn’t just endear us with his cuteness and cheerfulness, but with his unwavering faith in God as well. And that strong faith provides him the ability to not only see and speak with Jesus Christ, who he fondly calls “Bro,” but to also become a blessing to other people by miraculously healing sick people.

However, it isn’t just the physical ailments that he treats because he helps others, as well, with their emotional, physical, and mental struggles through the wisdom he imparts on them, which are inspired by his conversations with “Bro” and with the priests who have raised him since he was a baby.

In this scene, Santino is comforted by “Bro” as he feels saddened by the death of one of his friends. He reminds him, “Kahit namatay ang isang tao may bahagi siya na kailanman na hindi mawawala dahil lagi siyang nandito (points at Santino’s heart). Hangga’t hindi mo nakakalimutan ang isang tao, habang iniingatan mo sa iyong puso ang mga alaala niya, hindi siya totoong mamamatay.”


100 Days To Heaven (2011)

While it’s a common belief that the soul of the dead wander here on earth before they enter heaven, it’s a totally a different story for Anna Manalastas (Coney Reyes), the snobbish owner of a toy company, who transformed into her childhood self (Xyriel Manabat) after her deal with Saint Peter (Noel Trinidad), the gatekeeper of heaven (or Tagabantay). In 100 Days To Heaven, he was already condemning her to hell after she died because of her wickedness while she was still alive.

As Anna bargains for a second chance, Tagabantay allows her to live again and make amends with those she wronged, but as a child and for 100 days only. In her return to Earth to complete her mission, she crosses paths with an underprivileged family who agrees to take her in and help her in exchange of money.

Throughout her journey on Earth, Anna has several encounters with the Tagabantay, who takes on the form of different personalities, and even animals and insects. Such as in this scene wherein he disguises himself as a lizard to commend her for a job well done and to remind her, “Lahat tayo ay may kanya-kanyang multo mula sa ating nakaraan. At isang araw, babalik ang multong ‘yan at magpaparamdam sa atin.” While she finds it bewildering at first, we eventually figure out that Tagabantay is probably pertaining to her estranged daughter, who turns out to be her accomplice Sophia (Jodi Sta. Maria).


Oh My G! (2015)

For sure, many viewers are able to relate with the story of Sophie Cepeda (Janella Salvador), a teenage girl who has already gone through a lot of challenges in life, with the death of both her parents as the most hard-hitting of all. Since then, she begins to doubt the existence of God and condemn Him for taking them away from her and making her suffer. And her perception completely changed all of a sudden, when God, whom she fondly addressed as “G” (Leo Rialp), shows Himself and speaks to her. He tells her, “Everything works for good. May dahilan ang lahat, hija.”

As Sophie’s journey continues in Oh My G!, “G” then goes to appear and talk to her in different forms, reminding her and viewers alike that God is always there for us and will never forsake us through the ups and downs of life. Besides, we must not dwell on the negativities because everything will turn out fine in the end.


Nathaniel (2015)

It is believed that when a person dies, s/he turns into an angel, especially if it’s a baby or a young child because its heart and soul are still pure. And Nathaniel  adheres to that narrative as its titular character, who is a young angel, goes back to Earth seven years after he died as a baby due to a vehicular accident that his family got involved in.

Nathaniel (Marco Masa) returns as an ordinary kid with a mission of restoring people’s faith in God and reminding everyone of their innate kindness. He gets to experience how it is to have a happy family through the Bartolome family who adopted him despite not having much in life. During his sojourn, he’s able to help and touch the lives of some people of Bayan ng Laging Saklolo, including his biological parents Rachel (Shaina Magdayao) and Paul (Gerald Anderson), as well as his grandma Angela/AVL (Coney Reyes), mostly through his nuggets of wisdom.

In this particular scene, Nathaniel is able to make restore the faith of AVL to God as he encourages her to pray for her healing. He tells her, “Alam ko po, AVL, naguguluhan po kayo kung bakit nangyayari sa inyo ito. Pero ang mga panahon pong ito na kailangang kailangan nating magdasal kasi ang Panginoon lang po ang magbibigay sa atin ng kaliwanagan ng isip. Kailangan lang po, maniwala at magtiwala po tayo sa Panginoon.”


Huwag Kang Mangamba (2021)

Sisters Mira and Joy in Huwag Kang Mangamba, impressively played by Andrea Brillantes and Francine Diaz respectively, has indeed inspired a lot of viewers, especially people their age, to either renew or strengthen their faith in God. While Mira’s relationship with God has been strong despite the challenges she goes through, Joy used to be like her townsfolks in Hermoso who lost their devotion in God after the tragedies that happened in their town. But Joy eventually has a change of heart as she miraculously comes back to life after an accident.

Mira and Joy may have faced many trials together in their pursuit of restoring the faith and kindness of the townspeople, yet they’re still able to succeed with the help of a handful of people who believes in them and in God.

In one of their conversations with Jesus Christ, the siblings ask him why he didn’t heed their request for Him to show Himself to people who don’t believe that they could speak with Him, “Bro” reassures them, “Hindi n’yo kailangan Akong makita palagi para maniwala, kahit sa mga panahon na pakiramdam n’yo wala kayong kasama. Sa panahon ng hirap at sakit, sa pinaka mabigat na bahagi ng inyong buhay, tila isa na lamang ang bakas ng paa na naglalakad; dahil ‘yon ang mga panahon na binubuhat Ko kayo. Magtiwala kayo na kahit kailan, hindi kayo pababayaan at nangyayari ang lahat para sa ikabubuti ninyo.”