Impress your family and friends with Royal Pinaliyab na Kaldereta Spaghetti by Dawn Zulueta and Chef Lau

Don’t get us wrong: Your tried-and-tested spaghetti recipe is amazing, but trying something new could work wonders, too! Impress your family and friends this Christmas by serving Royal Pinaliyab na Kaldereta Spaghetti! Don’t worry; this one is super easy to cook. The recipe is affordable—you can work with a Php500 budget only—and the ingredients are available in almost all groceries or market stalls! Not yet convinced? Let Dawn Zulueta and Chef Lau show you how to do it:

Ever heard of Pinaliyab na Kaldereta Spaghetti? Try this 100% Pinoy recipe that packs a burst of flavors!
Ready to cook a mouthwatering spaghetti recipe? Make your spaghetti stand-out by using Dawn Zulueta and Chef Lau’s trusted brand – Royal. The high quality pasta for over 100 years now comes with the NEW Royal Sweet Tomato Basil Spaghetti Sauce. Its rich thick sauce and captivating aroma of basil won’t fail to excite your senses! With Royal, impressing your guests and loved ones this Christmas will be as easy as 1,2,3!
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