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It’s always a delight to listen to insightful thoughts about love and relationships especially if they come from the celebrities we adore. Through their candid confessions, not only we learn a thing or two but we also dive deep into these stars’ attitude when it comes to relationships. Here are some of the best love wisdom and ‘hugots’ shared by Kapamilya loveteams in 2023 via exclusive interviews with!



They’ve been together for almost seven years. And in those years, we’ve witnessed how Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte’s relationship has evolved and continued to grow despite the complexities and challenges that they have to confront as individuals, artists, and a pair on-and-off-screen.

But what could be the secret behind their enduring and continuously blooming love? LoiNie, as what their partnership is fondly called, gave us a few pointers and even a little glimpse of their relationship in a conversation for “How Tos of Love.”

They talked about surprising one’s significant other during special occasions, on which Ronnie advised that you must not tell your plans to your partner, which is opposite of what he does as he tends to divulge to his beloved girlfriend what he would do. On the contrary, Loisa is great in throwing surprises for him, which she usually does by piquing him and making his blood boil first before unveiling her present for him.

With regard to making your loved one feel that you trust him/her, both of them agree that it cannot be expressed through words, but through actions. They also concur that aside from giving gifts, another way for them to express their affection to one another is via acts of service. For his part, Ronnie does it by accompanying her to ABS-CBN compound whenever they or she has work commitments, as well as bringing back to her home.

And lastly, when it comes to telling your loved one that you’re jealous, the couple revealed that it’s usually Loisa who gets jealous. She may not be expressive about it, but Ronnie already knows whenever she feels it. Loisa also reminded that your partner should not do anything that would make you feel that way.



They may have come from different walks of life and started their showbiz careers in different periods, but the universe had a fantastic way of intertwining the paths of Alexa Ilacad and KD Estrada. From being mere strangers who became housemates in Pinoy Big Brother, they have become the hottest musical pair of their generation fondly called KDLex and currently star in the afternoon drama Pira-Pirasong Paraiso along with LoiNie.

And while they haven’t confirmed nor denied the real score between them and have been reiterating in their interviews “what you see is what you get” whenever they’re asked, it appears that things have gone romantic for them, especially when we quizzed them about the “how tos of love.”

Similar to other couples, KD and Alexa have their own share of misunderstandings, too. Thus, they make sure to humbly apologize, which they express in different means. Since she loves to eat, he asks for her forgiveness by giving her food; while she simply says “sorry” to him, which seems to be already enough for him.

With regard to throwing surprises for each other during special occasions, KD imparted that he just limits their conversation in order to ensure that his surprise will be successful. Meanwhile, same with other’s techniques, Alexa usually picks a fight with him before revealing her present.

They may have known each other for only almost two years, but both of them trust each other so much. One proof is how KD willingly hands her his cellphone without her having to ask for. Besides, they know the passwords of each other’s phone and social media accounts.

When it comes to expressing their affection to each other without buying gifts, it would be acts of service for KD since it’s his love language, which he does by doing simple stuff, like helping her with her bags, checking if she’s okay, and giving her water when she needs it. Alexa, on the other hand, simply tells him that she loves him.

And lastly, both of them admit that they are expressive whenever they get jealous.



Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza, known as KarJon, shared what they think makes up a great relationship recipe. Because far from a pack of instant food that requires minimal effort in preparation, a relationship needs precise measurement, an intricate process, and quite a lot of ingredients.

Ingredient 1 is learning how to say sorry. Making an apology can be a tall order, but it’s necessary to move on. And it must be done with pints of humility and sincerity.

The next ingredient is cooking up the best surprises. It can come in big or small packages. But the most important thing to remember here is that a surprise is about the receiver, not the giver.

They add lots of trust, too. It makes love healthier and less bitter. Show it by not overthinking. They also underscored that expressing love can be in the form of words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, and giving gifts. Choose what suits your palate. To KarJon, though, love is sweeter when coated with effort.

And when it comes to expressing jealousy, Aljon emphasized that he’s now learned to fix his saltiness through communication, “Kung gusto mo ng mature conversation, sabihin mo.” Karina added, “There’s always a good way na sabihin siya na sweet, na palambing.”



Relationships are mostly trial-and-error. Because, hey, how do we make this complicated but amazing thing called love work? In another episode of “How Tos of Love,” Yves Flores and Gillian Vicencio, known by their ‘ship’ name ReTox, shared the most spot-on tips on “how” to navigate the trickiest parts and scenarios of romance.

When it comes to saying sorry, Gillian is not scared to make the first move to apologize after a fight, so long as the other person is also open to communicate. So, the tip is to wait for the perfect moment when emotions have simmered down, and then share your concerns, not accusations.

On planning special surprises, finding out your partner’s love language can make a difference. You may also think of a gift or a place that he/she really likes. Be unpredictable.

How to show trust? According to ReTox, you should allow your partner to enjoy and go out with his/her friends. Don’t keep on pestering them by asking where they are or who are they with.

And when it comes to expressing love, it’s the little things, according to Yves, who suggests giving your partner a massage or cooking for them on random days. Meanwhile, Gillian’s tip is to be all-out in terms of acts of service and words of affirmation. But when it comes to expressing jealousy, sometimes, being quiet can say a lot.

As 2023 ends, get your servings of romance from these nuggets of love wisdom served by your favorite Kapamilya pairs!