Here’s your ultimate checklist for ‘Fundosenang Saya’ this new normal

With their zest for life, millennials can turn the mundane into a sensation. Take advantage of this gift now that we go through the daily grind at home under the ‘new normal.’ To help you make the days more productive and exciting, here are 12 happiness-trigger activities to try for Fundosenang Saya!

1. Bedroom Revamp and Decluttering

Millennials are so into aesthetics! Apart from the therapeutic effects of selecting chic and eye-candy style elements for your space, decluttering will also help you curate your life into your dream minimalist lifestyle!

2. Develop a ~Me-time~ Ritual

Here’s a life hack for all seasons: self-care is a source of joy! Simple daily routines like coffee time, stretching, or lighting scented candles can set you into a more relaxed mood.

3. Start a Passion Project

Besides taking your talent up a notch or making some moolah, think of the people you can inspire with your works. You may launch a podcast, run a small online business, and even try photography (capture those candid quarantine moments at home!)

4. Organize the Pantry and Other Essentials

So you don’t have to go out as a ‘tribute’ all the time! Have a checklist of essentials from food, disinfectants, and self-care items. Don’t forget to add Hansel Crackers to your snack stash!

5. Participate in Donation Drives

From helping in pandemic-related causes to calamities and other social issues, a little can go a long way.  You could, for instance, donate your time and any amount to institutions (check out UNICEF Philippine’s campaigns on children’s health and nutrition) or help in students’ blended learning by donating your old gadgets.

6. Go Green

The plantito/plantita game just got stronger! We’ll never run out of reasons to obsess over our leafy loves. They can spruce up any space, purify the air, and make food (if you’re into veggie gardening). Simply put, they keep us sane!

7. Enjoy a Snacking Habit with the Fambam

In this new normal, food is best enjoyed with the family at home. Hansel Crackers is your go-to pantry staple for fun snacking! Munch them down in their classic goodness or dress them up to your fancy!

8. Journaling/Vlogging

Keeping a gratitude journal will help you go through the unprecedented changes with a more hopeful attitude. If you have a knack for video editing, and you’re waiting for a sign to start that vlog, this is it!

9. Up Your Binge-Watching Game

You’d be shook to know crime documentaries can also keep you entertained as much as K-dramas and rom-coms do! You can also invite friends for a Netflix Party.

10. Try New Kitchen Experiments

It doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re looking for something fun and filling to play around with in the kitchen, grab some classic Hansel Crackers and whip them up with ‘Fundosenang’ twists! You could, for example, make Hansel pizza bites or bake them into cakes and truffles.

11. Learn, Learn, Learn!

If the pandemic has proven anything, it’s that learning doesn’t stop, so don’t wait until things are back to normal before taking on a new hobby or exploring a new skill and idea.  The internet has dozens of short online courses to offer – for free!

12. Family Bonding

Think of, well, an indoor camping activity! Set up a small tent in a room and gather the fambam for a movie night over popcorn or Hansel Crackers – it has 12 pieces perfect for sharing in groupie food trips.

As a millennial who values your passion, you have this incredible skill of slaying the work-life balance even at home.

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