Here’s how to make loved ones feel “extra” special this new normal

Valentine’s Day may be over but love is worth celebrating every day. And it doesn’t take much to make loved ones feel extra special in these plot-twist-infused trying times aka the ‘new normal.’ Check out these simple acts that will bring all the warmth and fuzz! 

       1. Say it from the art, err, heart

Whether you’re in an LDR with bae, celebrating birthdays, or even without a special occasion, express your love through poetry, songwriting, painting, and other forms of creative art. 

       2. Ayuda is love

The new normal shifted gift-giving to what we call ‘ayuda.’ Let loved ones know they’re in your thoughts by sending them special care packages –from random gifts to essentials like food. You could have a stash of Rebisco Crackers Choco delivered right at their doorstep. 

       3. Support their small business

Just liking their page and leaving a positive review can make a big difference in helping a relative or friend’s small business boom in the digital space. Shout-out lang sapat na!

       4. Get together

Forge the bond with virtual concerts and digital movie screenings at home. Even distanced loved ones and friends can join in the fun!

       5. Whip it up


If food is your love language, prepare a special recipe that’s easy on the pocket but pleasing to the palette. Try experimenting with Rebisco Crackers Choco and be amazed by how “extra” these crackers can get! You can use them as ingredients for no-bake cakes, refreshing chocolate drinks, and other exciting desserts made with pa-sobra na love!

       6. Lend a helping hand

Teamwork makes the dream work! Show your love by helping family members navigate the new normal grind.

If your parents aren’t techie, assist them with their digital woes – from WFH setup to paying bills online. 

Here’s an “extra” tip: practice self-love! Because sharing “extra” love for others begins from the way you care for yourself! Self-love isn’t selfish. It can be as simple as being mindful of your posture when working (don’t slouch!) and taking a quick merienda break to recharge. 

For easy yet filling snacks, you can always grab a pack of Rebisco Crackers Choco. Promise, hindi ka mabibitin! May pa-sobra dahil special ka! You can munch them down in their sweet, classic goodness or pair them with your other favorites. 

Four big crackers in one pack – perfect for sharing and spreading the love! Rebisco Crackers also come in other variants – Plain, Honey Butter, Garlic, and Whole Wheat. 

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