Fumiya Andre Gabby’s travel stories

Ex-Pinoy Big Brother housemates Fumiya Sankai, Andre Brouillette and Gabby Sarmiento tour us around their home countries as hosts of new travel show “Hello World” on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube Channel. Learn more about this in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.



The interview opened with a little catching up and sharing about Fumiya, Andre, and Gabby’s Christmas traditions in their countries. Fumiya mentioned that Christmas in Japan is typically enjoyed by couples going out on romantic date nights. Single people like him, on the other hand, find Christmas the best season to make new friends.

In Italy, Gabby and his family would go to the Vatican for the Pope’s blessing on Christmas morning, then have a very Pinoy-like celebration (eating and karaoke) at home. Like in American Christmas movies, Andre and his family would rush to the Christmas tree as soon as they wake up on the 25th to exchange gifts. 

It seems Fumiya, Andre, and Gabby already got their early Christmas present from viewers’ positive feedback about the pilot episode of Hello World. Fumiya, who once promised to be a link between Filipino and Japanese culture, is happy to finally be telling more about his homeland. Gabby and Andre added that there are more to watch for.

They easily got the hang of DIY shoots, thanks to their background in vlogging. They had friends helping them in the filming as well; hence it turned into mini escapades. Gabby added that they gave their best to capture the beauty of their places.

The PBB alums are adventurers themselves, so it was fun to let people travel at the comfort of their own home. Gabby was so amused talking about France, one of the best travel destinations for him. He said there’s quite a competition between the French and Italian people over many things from sports to fashion. But he would admit that French are really blessed with good culture, food, and place,

Fumiya picked Singapore as one of his favorites, for its buildings that blend with nature. For Andre, Japan is one of the most special places he’s been to. He lived there for a year so he had to learn their culture and language. Andre also praised the Japanese people’s honesty. When he accidentally left his bag with a laptop in it at the train station, he said the security was quick to retrieve his belongings. It wasn’t a hassle since the passengers were also cooperative and honest.  

They went on to share travel tips to Kapamilyas. Andre would recommend having extra money for emergency situations. Also, bring devices that could help reduce the risk of COVID-19 virus. Most importantly, enjoy the experience, “You’re not there forever so go and enjoy what the country has to offer.”

Fumiya kept it simple with his three Ps- pera, passport, and phone. “’Pag meron ka niyan, kahit saan you can go.” No matter what happens, do not lose these three things. Fumiya also shared that he once missed his flight from the Philippines to Japan because he overlooked the departure time. He had to extend for another day and buy a new ticket.

Gabby’s first tip to those traveling during the pandemic is to get vaccinated. Then, follow the rules because being a tourist is not an excuse for breaking the country’s laws. While others want to be spontaneous, Gabby thought it would be better to research about the place – the food, people, accommodations, and culture.

Gabby shared an incident that relates to the importance of research. On a stopover in an Arab country, during a flight from Italy to the Philippines for PBB, he wanted to shake hands with the stewardess. The security gave him a warning look, and that’s when he realized Arab people limit physical interaction with the opposite sex.




Fumiya, Andre, and Gabby are excited to talk more about travelling in their show. Learn more travel tips and explore Japan, USA, and Italy in “Hello World” hosted by Fumiya, Andre, and Gabby on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube Channel.