Have you met the  super girl group called KGGL?

With more and more new and exciting artists popping up to entertain the Filipino audience through social media platforms like Tiktok, it’s proving to be a real showcase of talent and charm across various platforms online. And because not everyone has that x-factor that makes them shine naturally onstage, it’s even more exciting to discover that there are four extra special ladies who can’t wait to show everyone what they’ve got on camera. This month, get ready to meet the first-ever Tiktok super girl group in the Philippines called KGGL! 



KGGL. 09.23 | 2 pm

♬ original sound - Dasuri Choi

Watchout for KGGL! Stay tuned for the music video drop on Sept 23!

♬ original sound - caitlyn

KGGL. 9.23. 2PM

♬ original sound - kirsten ⚡️

KGGL. 9.23. 2PM

♬ original sound - shayne


Composed of some of the country’s most popular female Tiktok creators, you’ll definitely have a hard time keeping your eyes off these charming beauties as they sashay their way into your hearts and minds with cool moves and a refreshingly cool style. KGGL is led by Tiktok superstar Dasuri Choi, the South Korean dancer and content creator who chose to be based in the country almost eight years after being part of several dance groups in Korea, making her the perfect leader for this gorgeous group of talented ladies. 

Aside from regularly showing off their impressive dance moves on social media, KGGL’s three members Caitlyn Stave, Shayne Sava and Kirsten Gonzales also have charming and lovable personalities which new fans will definitely find hard to resist! Watch out for KKGL’s next move as Tiktok’s first Super Girl Group is set to reign the airwaves with an exciting new music video going to be launched very, very soon!