How to Get Creative Using Your Phone

As four of the most popular teen stars in the country, Gold Squad members Andrea Brillantes, Francine Diaz, Kyle Echarri, and Seth Fedelin have always inspired and encouraged their fans to pursue their different passions just like them. In their latest vlog, the ‘Huwag Kang Mangamba’ stars get their creative juices flowing once again, this time using their Redmi Note 10S phones and challenging each other to come up with the best OOTDs. 

Before starting the challenge, Kyle shares how important it is to use a phone with a 64MP camera like the Redmi Note 10S which is perfect for making your own vlogs, taking the best kind of photos, and even make your game playing experience even more enjoyable. With the 6.43 inches AMOLED Dot Display Screen, Francine admits she is able to view all her photos and videos even more vividly after the challenge. 

Here’s the Gold Squad’s top four tips for taking the best #OOTD photos:


1. Make use of Natural Light

You don’t need to be an actor like Francine Diaz in order to look good on camera. Find a spot outdoors that is flattering and can give you flattering shots with no extra flash needed. Know where the light source is and make use of the phone’s Night Mode for shots that need lightening. 


2. Channel Your Inner Actor

No matter how simple your background, shake things up by giving more than just the usual smile. Kyle Echarri likes playing with different expressions in order to get even more interesting shots. So match your OOTD with an interesting look whether it be dramatic, wacky, or mysterious. 


3. Look for Interesting Angles

Don’t be afraid to shoot from above, below or even from the side just like Andrea Brillantes. You don’t always have to look straight into the camera like every other #OOTD photo out there. Give your shot an interesting twist with an unexpected and refreshingly new perspective. 


4. Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Break

Getting that perfect shot isn’t all fun when you’ve been doing it for hours trying to get the best #OOTD. Seth Fedelin recommends taking a fun break in between shots or after a long pictorial. This can be done anywhere and is easy as logging on to play your favorite mobile games as you relax and refresh your mind before starting another round of creative work. 

Watch the Gold Squad take on the #OOTD photo challenge with Redmi Note 10S phone here: