Claude Dexter Legends of Dawn: Sacred Stone

As we approach the homestretch in finally premiering the much awaited animated series Legend of Dawn: The Sacred Stone, with characters based on the immensely popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, let us now meet the story’s main protagonist.

For Mobile Legends fans, playing Claude has been a distinct honor, even if he is considered the Land of Dawn’s “Thief King.” Together with his trusty sidekick, the monkey Dexter, they would continue their sneaky ways on Legends of Dawn: The Sacred Stone, yet with an important, life or death intention.

Claude and his trusty Dexter on Legends of Dawn: The Sacred Stone

Claude is a mischievous, handsome 20-year-old bloke yet with a lonely heart. With his talent, Claude considers thievery as an art rather than a crime. But his main reason for stealing is actually giving the loot back to the poor.

Actually, their impressive stealing skills are stuff of legend, and as they set their sights on the most precious jewel of them all, it seemed nothing could stop them, not even the Imperial Army commander Tigreal and his men.



Know the reason and significance behind Claude and Dexter’s actions in stealing the Sacred Stone in the premiere of Legends of Dawn: The Sacred Stone this Sunday, September 19 at 7pm on the Kapamilya Channel and A2Z Channel 11.