Legends of Dawn: Sacred Stone Clint

A few days before the premiere of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang animated series Legend of Dawn: The Sacred Stone, let’s get to know first our heroes who would take us in their wonderful adventures in this amusing and fascinating animation.

We’ve already met Tigreal, the brave and just, yet single-minded, conceited, and insensitive commander of the Imperial Knights. 

And now, it’s time for us to meet Clint, a 35-year-old skilled sheriff who’s known for his impeccable ability to fire with both his trusty revolver and rifle. 


Legends of Dawn: Sacred Stone Clint


Bearing the moniker “Maniac of the West,” his shooting skill is as fast as lightning and extremely accurate, thus, no one would ever dare to challenge him to a duel. He can reap and damage enemy heroes with his high physical potency and is very agile as he can charge in and out of the battlefield anytime.

Clint is also described as stubborn and pedantic, or someone who annoys others with his irrational thoroughness or being immodest about his expertise. 

Is Clint going to be a friend or a foe? Well, that’s for us to find out so you better not miss the Legends of Dawn: The Sacred Stone once it premieres this coming September 19, Sunday, at 7PM on Kapamilya Channel and A2Z Channel 11.