Gelo of BGYO is Janine’s beloved in “Bagay Nga Tayo Pero” music video

Janine Berdin stars as a lovesick teenager infatuated with a fellow student, played by Gelo Rivera of P-pop group BGYO, in the music video of her newest single “bagay nga tayo pero.”

It turns out, however, that Gelo does not feel the same way about her.

Bagay Nga Tayo Pero

Also starring in the music video with a surprising twist are FANA, Gillian Vicencio, Reiven Umali, and ABS-CBN Music creative director Jonathan Manalo.

Bagay Nga Tayo Pero

Conceptualized by Janine along with Chapters PH that also produced it, “bagay nga tayo pero” music video was directed by Ken Tan.

Netizens praised the thrilling concept of the video, the soothing sound of the song, and the casting of Gelo as Janine’s apple of the eye.

“Relaxing ang song pero ang mv, thrilling HAHAHA ang gandaaaa beh Janineeeee nakaka proud. Thank you so much for including BGYO Gelooooo,” said Kiji B.

“OMG! ang dark ng MV and at the same time, ang ganda ng song! Top-notch OPM,” commented sarcasticpaulo.

Janine released the single “bagay nga tayo pero” last March. It has earned over 265,000 streams on Spotify as of writing.

Watch Janine, Gelo, and the rest of the cast in “bagay nga tayo pero” music video, now up on Star Music YouTube channel. For more information on her music, follow Star Music on FacebookTwitterInstagramTiktok, and YouTube.