Full episodes of “Lobo,” “Imortal,” and “La Luna Sangre” available in chapters for binge-watching on iWanTFC

Fans of ABS-CBN’s Moonstone trilogy that includes hit teleseryes Lobo, Imortal, and La Luna Sangre can relive the fantasy, romance, and action anywhere they are in the world by binge-watching the complete episodes in chapters and in HD for free exclusively on iWantTFC.

Aside from watching the “Best of ABS-CBN Moonstone Trilogy” on mobile devices, subscribers can also huddle with family and friends around a bigger screen and enjoy it using select smart TV brands, ROKU streaming devices, and Telstra TV for global users.

In 2008’s Lobo, Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual play Lyka and Noah, two childhood friends who meet up again in their 20s and then fall in love. But their devotion to each other is tested when Lyka transforms into the last savior of the werewolves in order to fulfill her destiny.

Her duty clashes with Noah’s deep hatred towards her race. And as he is enlisted by Luna, an organization whose mission is eliminating werewolves, their differences become bigger and harder to ignore.

Angel and John Lloyd Cruz also continue the theme of forbidden love in the 2010 sequel Imortal, where a seemingly endless war between werewolves and vampires is destined to intensify after the birth of their most powerful members who would become mortal enemies.

As the two groups prepare for the ultimate fight of their lives, Lia (Angel) and Mateo (John Lloyd) meet and are inexplicably captivated by each other. However, they have yet to know that their growing bond will activate their powers and drive them apart, as dictated by their fates.

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla star in the final installment called La Luna Sangre, where Lia and Mateo finally live peacefully as mortals after having given up their powers. However, another prophecy is bound to change the life of their daughter Malia (Kathryn), the presumed “chosen one” who will save their kind from an evil vampire king.

When a disgraced Malia fails to show her powers after turning 21, she leaves behind her responsibility and lives in the world of mortals. There, the prophecy continues to haunt her even when she meets Tristan (Daniel), a young man who is seeking revenge against a vampire who killed his father.

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