Friday Five: The Best, Biggest, and Loudest Kapamilya Moments of 2015 5

5) Enrique and Maja Twerk to 17 Million Views
In 2013, the word "twerking" made its way in the entertainment world. It was American performer Miley Cyrus who popularized the dance move which involved "thrusting movements of the bottom and hips while in a low, squatting stance" and "in a sexually provocative manner." She posted a video on Facebook which featured her performing a twerking routine to the 2011 single "Wop" by J.Dash. The video later became viral, especially since she was wearing a unicorn suit. Following this attention, Brandon Beal came out with a song titled "Twerk it Like Miley [Cyrus]" in 2014. Of course, our favorite Kapamilya stars, including the Maja Salvador and Enrique Gil, also twerked their way into the trend.

In their version, Enrique Gil rapped a rendition of the Brandon Beal song as Maja Salvador twerked in an ASAP number last June.
With Maja's evocative facial expression as she performed the popular dance move, it is not surprising that the recorded clip garnered a whopping 17 million views (and counting). The artist even managed to do the bouncing movements in stilettos. Maja has also proven that she should be the Philippines’ Twerking Queen because her version isn’t just about the moves but also an almost theatrical performance wherein she responds through motion to the words of the song.

They reprised their "Twerk It Like Miley" performance a month after and the video got more than 4 million hits.

The sexiest dance duo also proved that they are unbeatable even in other performances. Last August, they made the ASAP stage heat up in a dance prod of "Worth It."


In October, the Dance Princess danced "Hit the Quan" with the King of the Gil. This got more than a million views online.

Ano nga ba ang pinakanagpakalampag ng 2015 niyo? Share it with us in the comments section below!
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