Freelancers can now take charge of their well-being with this full health care plan

With the growing number of job opportunities available online, it’s no wonder freelancing has started to become an increasingly popular career choice, not just among new graduates but also for those looking for more flexibility and room to adapt to their busy schedules.  

As the range of career choices continuously growing for freelancers, it’s also no wonder even local celebrities like Maxene Magalona, Khalil Ramos, Lotlot de Leon, and rapper Gloc-9 have started their own businesses to generate extra income in different fields. They have inspired others to follow suit in this past year as many livelihoods were affected. 

Aside from the appeal of breaking the barrier of the typical 9 to 5 job, freelancing also gives you the freedom to manage your time more productively and in essence have a better quality of life.   Although it may seem a bit daunting at the start to strike it out on your own, doing freelance work can be just as if not even more fulfilling than working full time. Working in the so-called “gig economy” has now become a more viable and less precarious prospect as freelancers can now avail of benefits like any regular employee such as having their own comprehensive health care plan.  

Here are just some of the most in-demand, well-paying freelancing jobs that are worth considering. 



If you enjoy writing, then this could be the right kind of gig for you. There has been a growing demand for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) writers due to the ‘internet economy’ getting more competitive. SEO writing involves creating keyword-rich articles to help the client’s website generate more traffic. Although this kind of specialized writing will need some training, it’s a trade you can master in no time. As you gain more experience, you become more confident to even take on multiple projects at once—from across the globe. Actor-vlogger Mikael Daez used to write SEO articles as his first ‘raket’ and some of his fellow writers eventually ranked up to SEO managers. An SEO writer can earn around Php20, 000 to Php50, 000 a month depending on how much is on your plate.  



Put those video gaming skills to good use by monetizing it through game streaming. ‘Kaka computer mo yan!’ may have been your moms’ favorite line before, but as gaming evolves into a professional ecosystem as well as an extremely profitable new industry online, you can now make her proud by monetizing this hardcore hobby through different gigs like game-streaming, which continues to attract many celebs, as well as competing in e-tournaments and getting paid to rank up someone else’s character.  NFT gaming is likewise expected to become a bigger trend. It allows you to play ‘just for fun’ and earn in-game tokens that can be converted into cash. Playing while earning as much as $100/day – that’s a double kill! 



Nowadays, it seems everyone has gotten into creating their own vlogging channels. Last year, the surge in celebrities that have turned to vlogging as an alternate platform to influence, teach, entertain, build careers, and make big bucks. Ordinary citizens also find themselves rising in popularity for sharing more of what goes on in their lives online. More than television and streaming apps, it seems watching vlogs is the new way to be entertained. All you must do to get started is to create your own channel and find topics that are original and genuine that you can share. Because if there’s one thing people like to watch, it’s genuinely honest content. But if you are camera shy but have the knack for editing, you can also edit vlogs for a whopping $60/hour as starting rate.  



If you’re a new graduate or just joining the workforce again after a long time, teaching one student at a time is a good way to ease your way into the competitive workforce. One of the most in-demand jobs right now especially for fresh graduates is teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). As one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world with a 94% literacy rate, it’s no wonder language schools are always in need of local teachers. The reason behind the current surge is that non-English speakers are taking advantage of the quarantine to learn the language and more ESL companies are expected to open or expand when the pandemic ends. ESL teaching can be done virtually with rates starting at Php200 per hour or depending on your individual asking rate as a freelance teacher.  



If the sudden emergence of more and more e-preneurs is any indication, it seems online shopping for Pinoys is now more than ever at an all-time high. With sellers selling anything and everything under the sun 24 hours a day, it has certainly become a popular past time with everyone in the family staying at home. Regardless if you choose to sell material things like bags and clothes, perishable items like food, or even intangible services, live selling has now become the norm when it comes to the concept of easy shopping from the comforts of home. Start with an idea of what you want to sell and then browse the numerous live sellers to learn the different selling styles you can adapt into your own. Earning capacity here is limitless depending on how much and how often you go live to sell. 


Pro tip to help you be secure as a freelancer 

With the progressive changes in work trends, freelancing is now turning into a rewarding, convenient, and lucrative option for many. And although there remains some bias against the freelance industry, especially from those who believe that only corporate jobs are the road to success, more and more freelancers are proving the notion wrong with hard work and perseverance in their chosen fields.  Before, it was well known that freelancing and entrepreneurship could not have the same benefits that regular employment brings like having comprehensive health insurance. AXA Philippines understands where the worry comes from, which is why they want to make it easier for every Filipino including the self-employed by launching a new health care plan called Health Care Access. 

This package comes in two plan types that are perfectly tailored for freelancers and entrepreneurs as well as those looking to top up their current HMO plan. These are the Health Care Access (HCA) Prime and Health Care Access (HCA) Lite. Each plan type provides comprehensive coverage for hospitalization, primary health care needs, and pandemic diseases; and has five flexible benefit options ranging from Php500, 000 to Php5 million. AXA’s Health Care Access has benefits beyond retirement, renewable until the age of 75; and a Longevity Health Fund from 76 years old onwards. The HCA Prime is ideal for those who are looking for their first health care plan including freelancers, entrepreneurs, consultants, and families. Those with an existing employer HMO may also add the supplementary HCA Lite to their existing health care coverage. 

Freelancing, just like anything else in life, can be a big leap of faith. But thanks to dependable partners like AXA Philippines, your life as a one-man team can become more secured so you’d be less worried and more enthusiastic to take on your chosen grind. 

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