Finding much-needed life insPOE in FPJ’s best movies

Hey, you. We see you trying your hardest to survive the new normal, and we know it may be taking its toll on your emotional and mental health. With every day filled with uncertainty, sometimes it seems easier to just surrender. But here are 5 words from Da King that we can all live by:

“Hindi pa tapos ang laban.”

In case you didn’t know, Fernando Poe Junior is celebrating his birthday month. And as we remember his best work, we realized that FPJ can be a great source of inspiration for these trying times.

Ang Panday. The fan favorite comic-turned-movie Ang Panday reaffirmed FPJ’s superhero status to the masa. In our eyes, he’s the invincible Flavio who can beat monsters like Lizardo and his gang of siyokoy, zombie, and vampires. But what people love about this film is how it turned an ordinary blacksmith into an extraordinary superhero. Not only because he has a magical dagger, but because he is brave enough to face any storm for the people who rely on him.

Finding much needed life insPOE in FPJ s best movies 1

Photo from Grace Poe (@SenGracePoe)


Ang Dalubhasa. Jaime de Guzman is a man pursued by tragedy. Yet somehow, he survives the loss of his family, and the loss of his successful career as a military doctor. Ang Dalubhasa showcases FPJ’s ability to bring hope amidst crisis. He symbolizes Filipino resilience--that despite all the negativities life throws at him, he could still stand up. Because he needed to. Because he wanted to. And because he knew it will all be worth it in the end.

Finding much needed life insPOE in FPJ s best movies 2

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Isang Bala Ka Lang! “’Wag mong sabihing malakas ka! ‘Wag mong sabihing marami kang tauhan! At ‘wag mo rin sabihing marami kang salapi. Pare-pareho lang tayo. Isang bala ka lang!” Berting, the ex-convict cop hero, is more than ready to go against big opponents. And in this season where we’re all going through tough situations, we badly need to channel our inner Bertings to fight injustices and win our battles.

Finding much needed life insPOE in FPJ s best movies 3

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Ang Probinsyano. By now, everyone must be familiar with the story of Coco Martin’s FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. But do you still remember FPJ’s original movie version? The actors may be different. But the message of the movie--co-written, directed, produced by Da King--remains the same: You can do everything for your the people you love, even if it requires big sacrifice. 

Finding much needed life insPOE in FPJ s best movies 4

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Asedillo. This award-winning Filipino period film solidified Da King’s reputation as the “Ultimate Taga-Pagtanggol ng Bayan”. Set in the 1930s, FPJ played the role of Teodoro Asedillo, a teacher turned rebel who led a movement for the rights of the working class. And just like all his films, this one tells the story of how one should fight for his beliefs--even if the odds are against you. Because why keep your silence when you can use your voice to make a change?

Finding much needed life insPOE in FPJ s best movies 5

Photo from Grace Poe (@SenGracePoe)


Isusumbong Kita Sa Tatay Ko (1999). And just when you think FPJ can only do cool action star roles, he proved in this action-comedy-drama that he could also be #TatayGoals. Together with Judy Ann Santos, FPJ played the role of the single dad Badong. Their funny father-daughter relationship made people laugh, cry, and simply adore FPJ as a father who can be tough on the outside--but remains soft for his loved ones.\

Finding much needed life insPOE in FPJ s best movies 6

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If you find yourself with a heavy heart during this new normal, try to find things that can inspire you. We recommend watching some of FPJ’s classics. Take your cue from his characters and remember how they remained steadfast despite the adversities. 

And Da King is right. You’re the lead character of your own story. You’re facing big hurdles and kontrabidas in life. But you got what it takes to win, to survive every challenging day. After all, “Hindi pa tapos ang laban.”