FATHER’S DAY 2020: Endearing father figures in teleseryes who moved and enlightened viewers

Every year, it has been our tradition to pay tribute to the most important man in our lives, our first hero, and our first love – our dearest fathers! However, it’s not only the real dads who we are celebrating during this time of the year as we also honor those fictional daddies who have inspired and enlightened us through the wisdom and love they emanated on the teleseryes they got featured in.


With the Father’s Day just around the corner, let’s take a look back on the remarkable teleserye father figures that we all admired through the years, and perhaps even wished to have in real life.


Christopher de Leon as Adam in Love Thy Woman, Javier in The Legal Wife


He has appeared in a handful of Kapamilya teleserye in the recent years, wherein he was able to exhibit his brilliance both as a protagonist and antagonist. But, of course, we all loved Christopher in his portrayals of doting dads, such as Adam Wong in Love Thy Woman and as Javier Santiago in The Legal Wife.


His current character Adam might have a complex modern family setup due to his own doing, but he’s been trying his best to treat both his legal and second family equally even though it’s not easy. We’ve witnessed how he never tolerated the misdeeds of his firstborn Dana (Yam Concepcion) and never neglected his lovechild Jia (Kim Chiu) at the same time.


Meanwhile, Javier may not be a perfect dad for Monica (Angel Locsin) in The Legal Wife, but he was still able to be there for his daughter during the time that she badly needed a firm shoulder to cry on after the man she loved and entrusted with her heart betrayed her.


Albert Martinez as Marcial in The General’s Daughter, Robert in Kadenang Ginto


Apparently the most omnipresent face on-screen among this list, it’s safe to say that Albert is undoubtedly the most in-demand teleserye father figure at present. In fact, he appeared in two top-rating Kapamilya dramas in just one year Kadenang Ginto and The General’s Daughter.


While there are close-minded dads who refuse to admit and own up to their mistakes, Marcial is definitely different as he knows how to apologize for his shortcomings and wrongdoings towards his estranged daughter Rhian (Angel Locsin) in The General’s Daughter. He also vowed to fight for her until the end, no matter what it takes or how dangerous it was going to be.


He did the same thing as Robert in Kadenang Ginto, but what definitely warmed our hearts the most was when he managed to bind his family amid the misunderstandings, irreconcilable differences, and incessant bickering between his eldest daughter Daniela (Dimples Romana) and second wife Romina (Beauty Gonzalez), as well as between his youngest daughter Cassie (Francine Diaz) and his grandchild Marga (Andrea Brillantes) even just for a night.


Ian Veneracion as Eduardo in Pangako Sa ‘Yo, Anton in A Love To Last, Ted in Make It With You


From being a sought-after matinee idol in the 80s, Ian is currently soaring as a bankable actor to portray daddy roles on-screen. Unbelievably, he’s able to receive the same amount of admiration from viewers, especially in his portrayals in Pangako Sa ‘Yo (2015), A Love To Last (2017), and Make It With You (2020).


His character Eduardo’s relationship with his son Angelo (Daniel Padilla) may be strained in the 2015 remake of the classic series Pangako Sa ‘Yo, but he just couldn’t simply set aside his duty as a public servant and turn a blind eye on the debaucheries of Claudia (Angelica Panganiban). He insisted that regardless of his feelings with his past flame Amor (Jodi Sta. Maria), it’s only right for him to serve justice to anyone when it’s due.


While there are dads who aren’t able to develop a tight bond with their kids, particularly their daughters, it’s totally a different story for his character Anton Noble in the 2017 romance drama A Love To Last. Being a single dad, he had amazingly managed to juggle his duties as a company owner and as a father to his three kids Chloe (Julia Barretto), Lucas (JK Labajo), and Kitty (Hannah Vito) as he’s able to spend time with them and even listen to their stories. Just like when Chloe had some boy problems, to which he comforted her by telling her that the right love will come to her at the right time.


His character Ted Villarica in Make It With You may not be as gracious as his previous daddy roles, yet we still admired him for not easily giving in to the requests of his son Gabo (Enrique Gil) as he wanted him to work harder in pursuit of anything that he aspires for in life. He incessantly challenged him in order for him to further exert his full potential and to find effective solutions on his own.


Joey Marquez as Buboy in Forevermore, Fernan in Pamilya Ko


He may be a comedian, but Joey’s able to astound and inspire us with his dramatic chops as well, mostly through his portrayal of paternal roles.


Playing the character of Buboy in Forevermore, who Liza Soberano’s Agnes fondly called as “Papang”, he did not only stand as a father to her, but a best friend as well. He could easily determine if she is troubled and knew the right words to comfort and enlighten her.


And at present, we are admiring him as Fernan, the loving patriarch of the Mabunga Family in the well-loved primetime drama Pamilya Ko. He might be despised by his own family for having an illicit affair with another woman, yet that didn’t make him less of a father to his eight beloved children. They may be handful, but he and his wife Luz (Sylvia Sanchez) have managed to shower them with equal love, support, and protection, and even berate them when needed.


Joel Torre as Tatang Sol in On The Wings of Love, Teddy in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, Mang Greggy in Starla


Being in the industry for around 40 years now, he has indeed cemented his mark as one of the greatest actors in the country of all times. He has portrayed innumerable roles both on television and film, in which some of those as a remarkable and admirable father.


Playing as the doting and hardworking Tatang Sol in the 2015 JaDine-starrer On The Wings Of Love, he made us realize the value of good communication in the family, especially when he helped her daughter Leah (Nadine Lustre) fix her relationship problems with her “husband” Clark (James Reid) and even bestowed them sound advices about marriage.


We continue to admire him in his portrayal of Teddy Arevalo in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano for not only being a straitlaced journalist who courageously exposes the debaucheries of those who are in power, but also as a dutiful and supportive father to Alyanna (Yassi Pressman) and JP (McCoy de Leon). He didn’t only support her in also taking the same path as him, but also in her relationship with Cardo (Coco Martin) despite of his fears and hesitations at the onset.


The veteran thespian was also loved in his stint as Mang Greggy in Starla as he humbly owned up to his shortcomings and asked for the forgiveness of his estranged daughter Teresa (Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo). Even though she gave him a hard time in mending their relationship because of her indifference and grudge towards him and the people of Barrio Maulap, he never gave up until he regained her affection and trust.


Benjie Paras as Chito in Got To Believe, Abner in Nathaniel


Throughout his acting career, Benjie has been known for his comedic chops. However, he’s also able to prove his dramatic flair as well, mostly via the father roles he took on.


Arguably his most notable stint to date was in Got To Believe, wherein he amused and touched us as the protective yet affectionate and cheerful Papa Bear Chito of Chichay (Kathryn Bernardo). As he loved her so much, he did everything to still give her a good life despite not being well-off and to keep her from anything or anyone that could harm her, even from the guy she truly admired.



The baller-turned-actor once again made us admire him in his portrayal of Abner Bartolome in Nathaniel, the loving and kind adoptive father of the titular character. Aside from warmly welcoming them in their home, he also stirred us with the words of wisdom he relayed to Nathaniel about forgiving those who crossed them and burying the hatchet, as well as reminding him to love and have faith unconditionally.


Ronaldo Valdez as Don Roman in Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Araw Gabi, Don Bernardo in Pasion de Amor


He may already be in his 70s, but Ronaldo has remained active in the local entertainment scene up to the present and can still compel us with his mind-blowing performances in the series and movies he starred in.


With his depiction of Don Roman Cardinal in Precious Hearts Romances Presents Los Bastardos, he made us realize the real meaning of unconditional love with how he accepted and loved his estranged sons in spite of the crimes and mistakes they committed. In one of the episodes, we saw how he strongly defended from his other children his decision to still help their problematic brother.


The veteran thespian may only have a brief stint in the Philippine remake of Pasion De Amor, but his character Don Bernardo Elizondo made us feel mixed reactions toward him. He may be despised because of his illicit affair with a younger woman, but he didn’t change the fact that he’s a great father to his equally-gorgeous tres marias. Although it was his wife who was the first one to betray him, he still opted to stick with her for the sake of their children and expressed how he never regretted that decision. They may be grown-ups already, yet he’s still there to guide them through the words of wisdom he uttered to them and comfort them whenever they were troubled.


Richard Yap as Ser Chief in Be Careful With My Heart, Leon in Kadenang Ginto


With his striking chinito look, it was indeed not surprising that Richard earned a lot of admirers ever since his acting debut in My Binondo Girl, even though he’s been taking on father roles ever since.


His portrayal of “Ser Chief” Richard Lim in Be Careful With My Heart is arguably the most iconic of all. He might be intimidating at first as he appeared stern and strict, especially towards his three children, but we all knew that he was only being that in order to protect them from any imminent danger. While his decision to restrict them, especially Nikki (Janella Salvador), in joining school activities caused her to resent him, but he remained firm in order to teach her a lesson as well.


And just last year, his fans were surely delighted to see him on the controversial series Kadenang Ginto as Leon Hererra. While his short romance with Romina (Beauty Gonzalez) thrilled the viewers, it’s how he reconciled with his estranged son Paco (Louise Abuel) and aspired to give him a better life that definitely made us admire him even more.


Eddie Gutierrez as Don Jacobo in The Killer Bride, Lolo Aga in Make It With You


He’s been appearing on various television programs since 1993, but it was only last year when we’re able to see him again on the Kapamilya network – three years after his special participation in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano – through his stint in The Killer Bride and succeeded by his appearance in Make It With You early this year.


As his remaining children in The Killer Bride consistently detested his granddaughter Camila (Maja Salvador), especially when it was discovered that she had a relationship and a child with a Dela Cuesta – their rival family – his character Don Jacobo didn’t let himself be swayed by resentment as he had remained affectionate and protective of her ‘til the end of his life.


Meanwhile, in Make It With You, his loving and groovy character Lolo Aga never failed to bring happiness and inspiration to Liza Soberano’s Billy as spending some moments with him was already enough to ease out her anxieties and invigorated her to keep on moving forward.



Tirso Cruz III as Tony in A Love To Last, Arturo in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano


In his five decades in the local entertainment scene, we’ve witnessed how he has evolved from being a matinee idol in the 70s and as an in-demand father or grandpa figure and kontrabida in the series he starred in. Most of the roles he had portrayed may be antagonists, but he also had his own share of admirable characters, such as in A Love To Last and FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.


As his son Anton (Ian Veneracion) saw himself as a failure, his A Love To Last character Tony told him that he’s definitely not for he was just being hard on himself and even blamed himself for training him to be as stanch as him. He also went on to give him some marriage advices as Anton confessed having marital woes with his new wife Andeng (Bea Alonzo).


While his FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano character Judge Arturo Padua may not be as amiable as the former, but it can’t be denied that we’re still able to learn a few things from him. In one of the episodes, he imparted to his family one important thing that he has realized as a magistrate for a long time – that money and power can be above law and justice as he witnessed how the affluent people got acquitted from their cases.