Fans of MNL48 gush over the #MNL48savethedate hashtag

MNL48's fans are dying to know the meaning of the #MNL48SaveTheDate hashtag. 

With the non-stop offerings the group has been releasing, the fans are puzzled about what is happening next. On MNL48's Facebook and Twitter pages are pictures of the group's music videos with the #MNL48SavetheDate hashtag. The teaser photos were screen captures of their 4th and 5th singles, "Ikaw Ang Melody" and "High Tension."

After the postings, viewers have started speculating that something big might happen this September 30 and they have their own sets of theories. 

Facebook user Ramon Siason guessed that it might be tied with the "River" song of the group, "River lyrics na yehey."  

Another FB user Ran Deres thinks that it maybe a new group, "Feeling ko project girl group co-manage ng Star Hunt, tas ila launch sa Sept.30, feeling ko lang naman." 

Facebook user Phionalyn Martinez, meanwhile, said that they are like detectives in searching for clues on the said announcement. 

"So ayan na nga po mga kaibigan nagsisilabasan ang mga kapatid ni detective conan ano kanya kanyang conclusion ang mnloves pati sa mv ng HT na sa sep 30 daw magaganap ang save the date ano.... Ano po na ba kasing meron diyan ng ma-stop na ang aming pag-iisip kasi dudugo na utak namin," she said. 

Meanwhile, Group L's reunion slated for September 25 (Friday) has been moved to October 2 (Friday). The voting for the new digital series, "MNL48 Presents Pranks Not Dead" is already finished with fans chosing MNL48 Jan, Andi, Coleen, Dian and Alice to be part of the series. 

Groups MII and NIV recently had a reunion with their fans. MNL48’s sub unit group Baby Blue also released the music video of their newest single "Sweet Talking Sugar” last September 17. Since March, the group has been busy filming different digital series of "MNL48 Presents" namely, "MNL48 Presents: Chain" and "MNL48 Presents: Bye, Us."

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