5 Family-Friendly Activities To Try While Everything is Closed

To keep families protected, everyone is advised to stay inside. And while we’re all looking for ways to keep each other safe (and sane) during the enhanced community quarantine, we’ve rounded up five family-friendly activities to try within the walls of your own home.


1. Learn a new language.


It’s never too late to learn a new one! Besides, studies show that people who speak more languages have improved memory. Every day, put in the time to learn new phrases in your language of choice—and use them in conversing with your siblings or parents.


Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/letter-blocks-247819/


2. Read a book.


Now, you might not be able to go outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go on adventures. Reading an amazing book could take you places you’ve never been before—Neverland? Middle-earth? Hogwarts? You name it!


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After finishing a book, set a schedule that works with Ate or Mama, and exchange thoughts—like a family book club!


3. Exercise.


You’ve probably heard this hundreds of times, that’s because it’s true: A good workout can reduce stress! You see, exercising pumps up your endorphins AKA your happy hormones. So go ahead and try a new kind of ‘WFH’ with your fam—workout from home!


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4. Listen to music together.


Music has powerful ways of moving people. It has this amazing ability to connect us together! In these trying times, allow your family to bond and heal through music. Curate a playlist for them, crank it up, and actually listen together. 


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As a bonus tip, make sure you include a song from your road trip adventures, and your parents’ wedding.


5. Watch movies together.


With families confined to their homes worldwide, yearning for the good ol’ pre-quarantine bonding activities doesn’t have to be such a terrible thing. To give your family even a little bit of relief, iWant is offering over a thousand Pinoy titles you can watch for FREE—including classic blockbuster hits!



For the kids and the kids at heart…


-4:30 na—it’s time to listen to the story of Lola Binyang in Ang TV Movie: The Adarna Adventure! Here, she tells a tale about a kingdom named Berbanya, where Prinsipe Diego (Tirso Cruz III), Prinsipe Pedro (Dindo Arroyo), and Prinsipe Juan (Gio Alvarez) seek out a mythical bird, Adarna, the cure for the King’s illness.



For Ate and Mama...


Anak follows Josie (Vilma Santos), a struggling mother who returns home after working as a domestic helper in Hong Kong. And while Josie has won the hearts of her two other kids, Michael (Baron Geisler) and Daday (Sheila Mae Alvero), she has yet to earn the approval of her eldest, the most misunderstood Carla (Claudine Barretto).



- There’s just nothing like a Pinoy musical comedy to give you a dose of good vibes! Do Re Mi stars ‘90s favorites, Donna Cruz, Regine Velasquez, and Mikee Cojuancgo—and this fabulous trio will strive to sing their way to stardom.



For Kuya, Ate, Papa, and Mama…


Dubai tells the story of Raffy (Aga Muhlach) and Andrew (John Lloyd Cruz), brothers trying to make it as OFWs in Dubai. While pursuing their lifelong dream to move to Canada, a woman (Claudine Barretto) stands between them. Indeed, the see-saw between their love for her versus their brotherly love yields such a dramatic narrative.



- If you’re in need of a good cry to let out your feels, then Everything About Her is for you. The comedy-drama revolves around the life of Vivian (Vilma Santos), a domineering business tycoon who discovers that she has stage three cancer. She then hires a private nurse, Jaica (Angel Locsin), to take care of her and help her turn her relationship with her son (Xian Lim) around.



With lines like, "Kunin mo rin 'yong Balenciaga bag ko. Doon ko gustong sumuka ulit,” the movie makes for a nice distraction during these tough times.

iWant is available via the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or through iwant.ph.

Take this opportunity to strengthen your bonds. After everything goes back to normal, your relationship will be more rock solid than ever!