EXCLUSIVE: Liza Soberano’s ‘Darna’ Transformation Has Officially Begun


Gearing up as ‘Darna’ is no easy feat—but MODESS® got Liza Soberano’s back all throughout her total transformation as the iconic Pinay Superheroine. Her action-packed scenes require challenging stunts. The 20-year-old actress still had to train hard even during her heavy flow days. But the best ever MODESS® All Night made those days easier because of its longer and wider pad. Plus, it has a Close Fit Center designed to stay close to the body and absorb the flow instantly—giving Liza superior protection and the confidence to move comfortably!

The movie opened up new opportunities and experiences for the young actress—like giving her the chance to develop her fitness game. And now, she’s ready to win our hearts as the millennial superheroine. Just check out her toned physique and combat-ready form for her one big flight as ‘Darna’!

Liza’s rigorous preparation includes weight training, boxing, martial arts, and more. Talk about serving some serious #fitspiration!



In an interview on ASAP Chillout last year, Liza also mentioned getting dance workshops to improve her timing and grace for each fight scene.

She also posted #DarnaTraining photos on Instagram weeks ago. The snapshots show Liza doing fitness boxing to improve her total athletic prowess, battle rope exercises to level up her speed, and planking exercises to strengthen her endurance. Netizens, on the other hand, were quick to express their excitement for the Erik Matti-helmed Ravelo classic. 



If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. #DarnaTraining

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Some commended the actress’ breathtaking beauty despite getting sweaty during her workout. One follower pointed out that Liza should also develop her Tagalog skills. The actress, then, assured that she’s on to it as well. While other netizens just can’t help but admire her empowering transformation. Way to go, girl!

Liza’s ‘Darna’ transformation has officially begun and nothing’s holding her back from nailing her new role. Not even her period, thanks to MODESS® All Night. She could face anything without hesitation and conquer the world as the beloved Pinay Superheroine!

Move comfortably in your #BagongGalawBagongMundo, just like Liza Soberano.

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