Everyone’s talking about 2gether: The Series—here’s why!

Go through your social media feed. Now, keep scrolling. We’re pretty sure you’ll come across a photo of two cute guys with a guitar. Yep, that’s Tine and Sarawat right there, taking over social media—and our hearts!

Every week, fans religiously stay glued to their screens to catch 2Gether: The Series, starring Bright (Vachirawit Chiva-aree) and Win (Metawin Opas-iamkajorn)—#BrightWin. 

2gether is the first-ever Thai BL (boy love) series acquired by the Kapamilya network—an addition to ABS-CBN’s catalogue of timely and relevant titles for Filipinos. They made it available via Kapamilya Channel and digital streaming platform, iWant. The show was even dubbed in Tagalog, for full kilig effect!



To those who haven’t watched the series, let’s get you onboard, shall we?


Win plays the role of Tine, a certified university heartthrob. In an attempt to drive an admirer away, his friends suggest he should go find a fake boyfriend.



And so he comes across Sarawat (Bright)—in dare we say, slow-mo fashion. At first, he rejects Tine’s proposal to pose as his boyfriend, thinking he’s being ridiculous. Eventually, the two settle with an agreement. Tine even goes as far as joining the music club to spend more time with Sarawat.


Music plays a powerful role in this series. One of our fave scenes shows Sarawat delicately positioning Tine’s fingers on the fretboard.



As they shift from one chord to another, their feelings grow stronger. 


The thing about this series is that you already know that these two cuties are going to fall in love. It’s just a matter of how—and we’re telling you, the ‘how’ will definitely get you squealing like crazy! Our hearts can’t help but flutter each time Tine and Sarawat try to hold back their feelings, realizing that they’re becoming too real.




The series wouldn’t trend on Twitter for nothing! If you check out iwant.ph, it’s also one of the top shows—and we just can’t help but to stan! Watching a BL series on mainstream media gives us a sense of pride, and multiple doses of kilig! TBH, sometimes, that’s all we need to get us by.



To those who haven’t watched the hit series, you can still catch up via iWant for FREE! Just download iWant via Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or visit iwant.ph.