Every Mom’s Ultimate Checklist for the ‘New Normal’

As the pandemic continues to alter our day-to-day lives, momshies find themselves navigating a new territory. While family dynamics have gone through unprecedented changes, one thing remains the same – moms’ critical roles in keeping a healthy and happy home, even amidst rough sailing situations.

It’s not easy but it’s entirely possible. Here are some tips to help moms cope with the new challenges in this so-called ‘new normal.’

1. Treat to-do lists as essential. Being a mom is daunting, and it’s even more so during this time wherein responsibilities are piling up. Thus, keeping a daily or weekly checklist is a time-saving hack that helps you do more, and set boundaries. 

2. Build a routine. The old routines were thrown off, so it’s time to make a new one that inspires the whole family to function as one. Stick to things that remain under your control such as waking and study schedule for the kids. Keep physical activities and efforts to protect the family’s immunity with the non-acidic vitamin C because with Fern-C you can make it a habit since you can take it on an empty stomach.  

3. Keep the connection. It takes a village to raise children, so grab much-needed help from online communities and by keeping a constant communication with loved ones, support groups, and your family doctors.

4. Get started with budgeting. Expenses are bringing in new worries to moms. To ease the strain on your wallet, begin by listing down fixed expenses and essentials (yup, scrap the unnecessary online shopping and monthly subscriptions.) Track the spending and make sure it’s less than you earn to set aside for savings. 

5. Make good food choices. Diets can affect the family’s behavior and overall mental health as certain food can either soothe or heighten the stress level. Eating good, therefore, is a win-win situation as it promotes both physical well-being and improved mood.  

6. Create space for me-time and self-care. Momshie, taking care of yourself is also taking care of your family. The current situation can cause increased mental health struggles. Thus, it’s important to unplug once in a while. It can be in the form of coffee time, diffusing essential oils, or practicing controlled breathing. Don’t forget the positive self-talk as well.

7. Find the right partner in ensuring the family’s protection and immunity. Often, a lot of factors in raising a family can boil down to keeping the right choices. This is especially true now that moms are more concerned over their family’s health. When it comes to choosing the right partner in boosting immunity, opt for a Vitamin C that’s effective and non-acidic.

Fern-C contains sodium ascorbate, a form of Vitamin C that is easily absorbed by the body, hence the enhanced efficacy. Fern-C is the best choice for the busy mom’s household, especially the Gen-Z ‘s who are always on the go, because of its non-acidic effect that makes it safe even if you skipped breakfast/ meals. Thus, moms can be sure that their family’s immunity is strengthened without the acidic feels. Less stress and less worry!

Momshie Karla Estrada copes with the demands of new normal – juggling showbiz commitments and raising four kids as a single parent – by keeping a checklist of her tasks. 

Her typical to-do list includes household chores, designating time for family bonding, and keeping everyone healthy and protected by giving them the non-acidic vitamin C, Fern-C. Despite the hectic schedule, Karla accomplishes her momshie duties and keeps the family’s health monitored! InFERNess, Fern-C is her choice in boosting her loved ones and kids’ immunity because of its readily absorbed and non-acidic components.

Despite the changes spawned by the pandemic, there are factors that remain under our control, such as the choice to keep the family happy and keep their immunity a priority. For more updates, follow FERN-C on Facebook!