Enrique Gil looks back on his filmography

After establishing a successful career for over a decade, Enrique Gil saw his hiatus of three years as a much-needed reset. He came to understand that one can strive for success, wealth, and fame, but in the end, you will give up everything for the invaluable opportunity to enjoy quiet moments with your family.

Yet, despite enjoying slow living close to nature and at home, nothing can stop him from walking on the path that was made for him, which is showbiz.

In this edition of “Metro Take 5,” the King of the Gil, who recently made his comeback via the movie I Am Not Big Bird,looked back on his filmography in this fun Q&A.

Enrique, who is more than ready to turn his dream roles and dream projects into reality via his own production company, wishes to explore genres he’s never done before like a full-blown horror flick, embracing the mantras, “Try something new” and “Take charge,” this 2024.