Christmas season with 24/7 Health Care Access

The holidays are here and restrictions all over the country are easing up. People everywhere are excited to get together, catch up, and spread the Christmas cheer.

That’s great… as long as you don’t spread the COVID-19 virus as well.

It’s so tempting to just forget that the virus is not a threat, but doing so can be deadly not just to you but also to your loved ones. In show business, measures are being taken to ensure that, while work goes on, artists and everyone in production are kept safe. Despite the toll it takes on them, everyone willingly goes through swab tests, quarantine, and locked-in tapings just to make a living. During these times, we all have to do our part in keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe and healthy.

But you don’t have to work in show business to fully observe health protocols. To fully enjoy quality time with your loved ones especially in this season, here are some tips for you:

Know your body. Be extra mindful of how you are feeling. If you’re exhibiting any symptoms, or if you’re feeling weak and under the weather, then stay in and recuperate. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Observe social distancing. As tempting as it is to keep hugging everyone, hold off for both your safety. You can still enjoy your time together, without close physical contact. Try to stay a meter apart.

Make sure there is proper ventilation. Whether you’re in small or big spaces, check out of it has enough ventilation. The Department of Health has issued reminders about this, and reminds everyone to keep the air flowing.

Follow health protocols. Wear a face mask, do temperature checks, sanitize. While it can seem repetitive, these are simple enough habits that will help keep the virus away.

Yet, we know that even when we follow these steps, there is still a possibility that we can still get sick. It may be from the COVID-19 virus, or it can be a multitude of other illnesses.

The key is to diagnose early, and to get the help we need when we need it.

It’s a good thing that AXA Health Care Access offers 24/7 health teleconsultation for all. It is a lifetime solution to our health needs, all in one affordable health care plan. AXA offers flexible

health plans to suit your budget, so that you can ensure that you and your loved ones are prepared in case of unexpected health setbacks.

AXA Health Care Access has two variants. AXA Health Care Access Lite is recommended for those who already have existing company-issued health plans but need more health coverage. On the other hand, AXA Health Care Access Prime is best when you don’t have a health plan and need a comprehensive one for you and your family. This is recommended especially for those who are self-employed, freelancers, professionals, and individuals who want to be protected.

AXA Health Care Access comes with 24/7 teleconsultation, comprehensive health care, and even health coverage in case of pandemic diseases such as COVID-19. This plan has you covered, even beyond retirement. It gives you the freedom to live your life without worries, knowing that your family is cared for and protected.

The greatest gift you can give yourself and your loved ones is the gift of health. Visit for more information, or consult an AXA advisor to help you get the plan that best fits your needs.