Dimples shares four life skills child’s success

Many would be surprised to know that 7 out of 10 Filipino parents are at risk of overparenting their kids. After all, parents are inclined to hold their children’s hands every step of the way. It’s a natural instinct to shower them with love and security, but when done too much, it compromises the goal of raising successful and resilient children who are future-ready. 

Overparenting can hinder kids’ development of important life skills; whereas making room for collaboration will help boost their ability to function as confident, self-sufficient, and empowered individuals. This parenting style is called Collaborative Parenting – an effective approach that promotes two-way, flexible interaction between parents and children as they do things together. 

By collaboration, children feel more valued, heard, and respected. And this makes them feel good about themselves, empowered, and more confident to face future challenges. 

Celebrity mom Dimples Romana advocates Collaborative Parenting through fun and engaging co-creation activities with the kids by joining the Lady’s Choice #DoItTogether movement. In the four-episode digital series “Choice Parenting,” produced by ABS-CBN and Lady’s Choice, Dimples encourages and helps parents teach kids important life skills such as wise spending, communication, patience, and help-seeking behavior – which will have great impact as they move out into the real world.  


Smart Financing

In the first episode of Choice Parenting, Dimples faces a common parenting dilemma. It’s about her son, 6-year-old Alonzo, asking to shop for a new toy he found online. When looked through a wider lens, this can crystallize into giving kids the wrong impression about desires and money. You want to meet your kids’ wishes, sure, but you also fear raising them materialistic with poor money-spending habits.

Solving the problem through Collaborative Parenting, Dimples engaged Alonzo in a co-creation activity. Together, they made and sold sandwiches to collect funds for a new toy. The mini business helped her teach Alonzo the value of hard work and being money-wise. Watch her grant Alonzo’s random request without turning on the ‘spoiled syndrome’ in Episode 1.

Dimples wants Alonzo to grow up disciplined and with a growth mindset in handling finances. It can be tempting to buckle under but she tries not to leave him an impression that he can buy whatever he fancies. Through Collaborative Parenting anchored on compromise and fair boundaries, Dimples gives him options like saving up for what he wants to teach him the value of wise spending and hard work. 


Open Communication  

Alonzo accidentally breaks Ate Callie’s glasses in Episode 2. It’s easy to expect children to be apologetic and express themselves like the confident individuals you envision them to be, but, the truth is they will not understand the concept of honest communication right away.

Dimples shares a useful tip on helping kids communicate their feelings such as in saying ‘sorry’: Empower them to make amends in their own ways. So if Alonzo thinks preparing Ate Callie’s favorite Crispy Chicken Sandwich is the best way to apologize, Dimples would gladly help.  Watch her sort out the problem by helping Alonzo in the kitchen all the while teaching him honesty and accountability.

As a mom of two kids with different personalities, Dimples appreciates the impact of open communication in fostering warm connections at home. Besides strong interpersonal relationships, nurturing effective communication skills among children will help them gain bigger opportunities in the future. And by engaging them in collaborative activities that value their individuality, children will feel that their opinions matter, thus teaching them trust and mutual respect. 



In Episode 3, Alonzo turns impatient while waiting for food! Kids are not good at waiting games – the whining and meltdowns. Dimples has been there. But through practicing Collaborative Parenting over the years, she learned that cooking collabs can be an effective hack in teaching kids the value of patience.

Through co-creation moments in the kitchen, kids are introduced to the concept of time and procedures. Watch Dimples teach Alonzo that rewards are worth the wait like the Macaroni Salad and Sushi Bake they made together.

“Teach your kids that most things in life take time and effort to make,” Dimples says, adding that re-introducing the art of patience is a challenge but necessary to help children develop adaptability, perseverance, and self-control. In the long run, especially when they enter the workforce, these qualities will reap more benefits such as delayed gratification, ability to make wise decisions, and a no-quit attitude. All of these will aid them on their way to excellence and success.


Asking For Help

In Episode 4, Dimples catches Alonzo procrastinating instead of doing his school work. Switching her mommy instinct on, she feels something is wrong. True enough, she finds out that Alonzo is struggling in a subject but is not confident enough to ask for help.

Through Collaborative Parenting, Dimples learned a gentle and fun approach to boost Alonzo’s help-seeking behavior–by co-creating his favorite Clubhouse Sandwich for merienda!

Based on Dimples’ experience, kids would lack the courage and humility to ask for help due to fear of judgment, especially struggling learners who don’t want to appear weak or not smart enough. But asking for help is an important life skill that opens room for improvement, resilience, and even bonding time at home. Dimple’s tip on encouraging help-seeking behavior is to engage kids in activities that require teamwork while explaining to them that it’s normal to excel in one thing but struggle in another.


Join the #DoItTogether Movement

Enriching these life skills and values at an early age helps prepare kids to be resilient, confident, and successful in the future. And it can start at home by turning daily routines into special co-creation moments. Join the Lady’s Choice #DoItTogether movement, encouraging parents to nurture Collaborative Parenting through fun and engaging Co-Creation Activities with the kids. 

Watch Dimples and her son, Alonzo, in the four-episode digital series “Choice Parenting” where they practice collaborative parenting through fun and easy “Co-creation Activities” that teach kids important life skills. 

If you want to start practicing Collaborative Parenting and do Co-Creation Activities together with your children, visit bit.ly/lcdoittogether.