Kapamilya Chat Kilig Challenges 2023

As much as we love watching our favorite love teams engage in the most dramatic, kismet-ushered moments in the small and big screens, there’s a different kind of ‘kilig’ when we see them try unscripted activities or challenges, which we’ve got plenty of this year. As 2023 comes to a close, look back on the cutest and most ‘kilig’ games played by Kapamilya loveteams on Kapamilya Chat.


Dikitan Challenge with KaoMiah

In an episode aired on September 20, Kaori Oinuma and Jeremiah Lisbo played the “Dikitan Challenge.” While it was meant to look quirky and chaotic, KaoMiah managed to make their poses so adorbs, thanks to their natural chemistry and how comfortable they are with each other.

In the first round, Jeremiah had to put his hand on Kaori’s chin. Well, that was easy. So, to make it a bit complicated, they must perform a duet while holding this pose. Kaori thought they could just sing the “Alphabet Song.”

Things got more electrifying in the second round where he had to touch his nose on her cheeks. “Strict parents ko, eh,” he joked. Kidding aside, the two gamely performed the dare.

Lastly, she must put her chin on his cheek. It seemed complicated at first until Kaori thought of the perfect position to perform the dare. They looked so cute in that pose! You might want to recreate it with your partner for your first 2024 couple photo!


My Song Challenge with KDLex

Jamming had never been this ‘kilig’ – and frustrating. As singers, KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad can express their feelings through music. That’s why Kapamilya Chat asked them to sing their special songs for each other. But to make it more exciting, they must sing while playing lato-lato.

They thought of a song to dedicate to one another when they’re angry, when they’re proud of each other, and lastly, a song to describe each other.

Alexa struggled with the lato-lato and got so frustrated that she almost wanted to question “the gravity of the earth.” LOL! Reminisce this moment, sweethearts!


Balloon Dance with FranSeth

The loveteam that dances together, makes fun memories together. In a Kapamilya Chat episode aired on September 15, Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin played the trending “Couple Balloon Dance” Challenge. The mechanics are simple: they just have to dance to the music with a balloon stuck between their bodies. They must move the balloon from the feet up to the shoulders.

The two didn’t back down from the challenge even though Kapamilya Chat added one more balloon in the second round. “Sige, kahit sampu pa ‘yan,” said Francine.


Pira-Pirasong Heart of LoiNie

LoiNie’s real-life love story started at a Star Magic workshop.

Sometimes we can’t help but get so curious about our favorite loveteam’s relationship that fishing out at least one intimate detail can make us feel ‘kilig’ to the bone.

If you’re a LoiNie fan, you don’t need to turn your detective mode on as Kapamilya Chat already did the work for you by asking the couple to take on the “Pira-Pirasong Heart of LoiNie” Challenge. In this game, Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte would take turns picking a puzzle piece that corresponds to questions about their relationship until they complete the heart puzzle.

And through this game, we learned that they met around 2014 during a Star Magic workshop. Loisa just exited the Pinoy Big Brother house, while Ronnie was not yet officially an actor at the time. It’s cute how they both remember this kind of detail.

While Ronnie knows that Loisa has a lot of comfort food, still they had matching answers when asked their favorite food to eat together, which is tapsilog. They also revealed their monthsary and how they celebrate such a momentous event in their relationship.


Suck and Blow Challenge with ReTox

Yves Flores and Gillian Vicencio sent our hearts racing as they played the “Suck and Blow” Challenge in the July 28 episode of Kapamilya Chat. In this game, the participants must transfer a set of playing cards to a container using only their lips. In the first round, Gillian sucked on the face of one card to hold it in her lips while Yves took on the other side to completely drop the card into a container. The tandem was given a minute to transfer as many cards as possible.

“Ang dali naman nito,” Yves quipped while completing the first round, where they managed to transfer 23 cards. They exchanged roles in Round 2 where they transferred 21 cards. Of course, since Yves was the one keeping the momentum, he low-key tried to land his bare lips on hers, prompting Gillian to react, “Madaya ka. Ikaw ah!”

“Nakakaubos ng hangin,” said Yves after the game. We bet you felt the same while watching the video!

Here’s to manifesting another year full of ‘kilig’ with these loveteams!