Compatibility Test with Lou Yanong and Andre Brouillette

Sweethearts Lou Yanong and Andre Brouillette keep the sparks and romance alive even while on lockdown by setting up a kilig dinner date at home for their 13th monthsary celebration just last April. Apart from the perfect night at the garden area, Andre prepared a long written message titled ’13 Reasons Why.’ The scene turned out as a re-enactment of their first ‘aww’-inducing date night inside the Pinoy Big Brother house.

The couple tries to be busy while stuck at home by unlocking new skills and trying their hands with interesting activities. They attend a weekly church seminar where they get to pray and learn the bible together. Andre is also taking his Tagalog lessons seriously under the supervision of, of course, Lou and her family. The pretty gal, on the other hand, enjoys Balintawak Arnis trainings with her dad. Missing their fans, LouDre creates fun Tiktok videos as means of connecting, spreading positive vibes and, if anything, fighting stress and boredom.

Two months in, the tandem is struck with realizations about time, love, and life. “Things can change in the blink of an eye so don’t take things and time for granted,” shares Andre who also highlights the beauty of expressing love towards our family. Lou gathers equally meaningful lessons as well, saying that family and a few essentials are the only things needed in order to survive. This realization popped in her mind while she was packing her things before moving in to her sister’s house just in time for the lockdown.

As soon as the quarantine period is lifted, Lou and Andre would like to go back to work and entertain people like they used to while still taking necessary precaution. For the meantime, LouDre gives us high doses of kilig and butterflies as they take on a fun compatibility test!

We’ll see how much Lou and Andre get along with their choices. The couple enjoys a good start as they both go for daytime than nighttime, explaining “para maayos ‘yung ilaw ng selfies.” Another point goes to LouDre as they both choose dog over cat. Lou reveals that her sister and brother-in-law own a dog breeding business and they currently have newborn Maltese dogs spreading cuteness around the house. “Sobrang sweet and they play around! Bawal sila pakawalan pero pinapakawalan namin every night kasi nade-depress sila, umiiyak so dapat good vibes lang for them,” shares Lou.

On the next question, he goes for ‘tea’ while she opts for ‘coffee.’  Quarantine means indulging in homecooked Filipino dishes so it’s not surprising when Lou and Andre are starting to crave for the ultimate comfort food – pizza – which they prefer over burger. They’re not complaining over the constant Pinoy meals, though especially Andre who fell in love with the buttered shrimp and tinola recipes of Lou’s mom.

The cute duo picks concert date over movie date as they haven’t yet experienced one. This lockdown period, though, they often spend time watching movies and series, leading them both to being night owls than morning persons. Their opposing tastes – she’s into rom-com while he’s into action – often makes the picking process a bit longer but they always manage to meet halfway. Sharing a little trivia, Lou reveals that Andre never gets tired of watching KathNiel’s “Barcelona: A Love Untold.”

When asked to pick between chocolate and flowers, he opts for the blooms while she goes for the sweets. LouDre prefers serenade than dance. They both agree that “Mahal Kita” resonates with deeper and more meaningful connotation, although, they are more inclined to say “I love you” on ordinary days.

They may have fallen in love in front of an audience but Lou and Andre prove that their romance is a hundred percent real and natural!