Celeb Tips for Future-proofing your Life

If there’s one thing that this pandemic made us realize, is that life is short. With so many uncertainties, it is always best to be prepared. Iñigo Pascual, Enchong Dee, Matteo Guidicelli, Piolo Pascual, and Charo Santos-Concio may be at different stages of their lives, but they all say the same, “You’re never too old (or too young) to have a plan.” 

Iñigo Pascual has done what many young adults just dream about, having a place of their own. Yes, he has taken that leap toward independence, freedom, and adulting at the young age of 23.

“There were a lot of things I had to learn and one of them was the need to be prepared,” says Iñigo. “Make sure you have what you need before you buy what you want. This pandemic, we did not see it coming and we didn’t expect to be locked down for such a long time. Buti nalang, I was able to buy the necessary things, ‘yung mga talagang kailangan ko,” he added.

Iñigo’s next goal is to get a house for himself and for his mom, and with Sun Life’s Adulting Starter Pack this is possible. Starting at ₱2,000/month, one can benefit from Sun StartUp that provides life insurance protection while giving back a portion of what you paid after 10 years, and Sun Prosperity Money Market Fund, which is a good way to build funds for future goals. 

“To the youth who are starting to earn their own money right now, ang advice ko is to make sure that you save. Don’t forget to also enjoy during the process. Don’t just splurge on things na gusto mo ngayon. Save for the future, save for your family, save for yourself,” Iñigo concludes.

At 32 years old, Enchong Dee already has several businesses under his belt. His first venture was in real estate, then later he went into the restaurant industry.  When the pandemic struck, Enchong was able to retain all his employees; and nobody lost their job.

“No one thought of a pandemic, pero natutuwa ako because one of the things we practice sa negosyo is having a contingency plan and having a contingency fund na nakaready kahit ano mangyari sa negosyo,” Enchong emphasized. “Eto yung magiging plan B, pero at the same time, dahil meron akong Negosyante Starter Pack, ‘yun yung magiging plan C ko,” Enchong shared.

Sun Life’s Negosyante Starter Pack is perfect for those who are planning to put up their own business. Starting at ₱4,000/month, it already includes Sun MaxiLink 100 with MyFuture Fund, a life insurance plan with an investment fund component that can be used to build a business emergency fund. This Starter Pack also includes Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Fund, a mutual fund investment that will help grow one’s savings over time, which can be used as business capital in the future.

“Passion for business is not enough, but it is a good first step,” Enchong says. “Kailangan syempre nandoon din ‘yung knowledge. Kailangan nandoon din ‘yung hard work, ‘yung determinasyon mo na palakihin yung negosyo. You have to have that clear vision kung ano yung gusto mong ma-achieve. Pag klaro kasi sa’yo kung saan ka papunta, ‘yung daan na dadaanan mo, lahat papunta doon,” Enchong happily ended.

Another savvy businessman, Matteo Guidicelli has just signed the most important document of his life: a marriage contract. “My priority is my wife,” he declared. Just a few months shy of his first year anniversary, Matteo is still adjusting to the highs and lows of married life.

“Every day, we’re learning. We’re climbing the ropes together,” Matteo shared. “It’s about trusting that your partner is a lifetime partner. Trust her, she trusts you; then you can just dive in together and go through life together,” he continued. In marriage, one of the tricky but necessary topics to discuss is finances.

“I think every couple will go through this route. In the beginning, it’s going to be kinda awkward,” Matteo warns. “That’s a typical mindset not to talk about money, but if you’re financially mature, you can speak about things and have a head start. It’s important to set aside some funds for your parents, for your emergency fund, for a nice investment portfolio. I really encourage young couples, or even those who aren’t married yet but you feel na ito na ‘yun; to start investing. Be in that proper mindset of being financially educated so that when you get married, you’re steps ahead of the game,” he furthers.

The three considerations a couple should be aware of are the budget, the milestones, and the what ifs. Sun Life’s Newlywed Starter Pack accounts for all these. Starting at ₱5,000/month, one can benefit from the Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Fund that can help grow money for future milestones, and SUN Smarter Life Classic that will help keep your family afloat in case of emergencies, while providing life insurance coverage to make sure that your family is always protected no matter what happens.

“Unexpected things happen, and it’s important to know that you’re secure,” Matteo concluded.

Piolo Pascual keeps busy with his many projects as an actor and a businessman, but he makes sure that he takes time to take care of himself. Though he has always maintained an active lifestyle, he is aware of how the years can take toll on him.

“There are times na bumababa na yung tolerance mo sa pain, bumabagal na yung metabolism mo, everything that comes with aging. As time progresses, as I get older, I’m becoming more conscious of my health, and my lifestyle,” Piolo said. “You’re not going to be at your 100% always, so take advantage of this time when you can make sure you are secured. Because the last thing you want your family is to think about how they take care of you, how are they going to pay for your bills, or even bury you,” Piolo added.

Piolo already passed the 40-year mark, and he knows there is a need to prioritize his health. Sun Life’s Health Starter Pack allows him to do just that. Starting at ₱7,000/month, this life insurance package already comes with the Sun First Aid Plus, which provides benefits in case of health emergencies like hospital confinement. It also includes Sun LifeAssure, a critical illness plan that provides benefits in case one is diagnosed with a covered critical illness. Since he began saving early, he is already reaping the rewards. Some of his earlier policies have matured, and he is already getting a pension from them.

“I want to make sure that I am healthy physically and financially so I can enjoy the fruits of my hard work. I have become more concerned about my health, with how I look at life, and how I spend my life. I appreciate life better now,” Piolo mused. 

Charo Santos-Concio is well-loved by many for offering a listening ear, and she especially has a soft spot for kababayans who are abroad. OFWs comprise a huge part of our society, and oftentimes, they forget to take care of their own needs because they’re too busy caring for their loved ones back home. They bear the loneliness of being far from home, all for the sake of giving their loved ones a better future. 

“It’s born out of sacrifice, of wanting to give a better life to children and parents back home. Wala silang ibang iniisip kung hindi makapagbigay ng magandang buhay at kinabukasan para sa kanilang mga anak at makapagbalik ng gratitude sa mga magulang nila.”  Charo stresses the need to work on maintaining a good relationship. “There should be constant and consistent communication. ‘Yan yung pinakamahalaga in any relationship, lalo na yung mga malalayo,” she added.

Part of this communication should include discussing financial plans. The pandemic brought to light a concern that not many think about or plan for. What happens when they come home? The goal, really, is to one day be together as a family. Sun Life’s Parent of OFW Starter Pack gives you SUN Senior Care and Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Mutual Fund in addition to the life insurance benefits. Starting at ₱7,000/month , you can already secure a health insurance for your mom or dad, while still having enough money invested for your own future needs. Charo continues to advocate for all OFWs, heroes in their own right.

“Lahat po ng sakripisyong ginagawa ninyo, mapupunta sa wala kung hindi po buo ang pagsasama ninyo,” she said. “‘Yan po ang pundasyon, kung bakit kayo nandiyan, kung bakit kayo nag sasakripisyo.”

Whatever your age and whatever life stage you are in right now, getting a Sun Life Starter Pack is a win-win decision. Invest in yourself and invest in your future. Hear more about Iñigo, Enchong, Matteo, Piolo, and Charo’s stories by watching their interviews on Sun Life Philippines’ Facebook Page. Better yet, get in touch with a Sun Life advisor today at bit.ly/advisormatch and  find out which of Sun Life’s many products fit your needs best.