Catch up with Madam Ana Manalastas in 100 Days To Heaven via YouTube Super Stream

Riveting us with the tale of a wicked and greedy toy company heiress named Anna Manalastas (Coney Reyes), 100 Days to Heaven instilled in us the value of forgiveness, love, and second chances. You can now binge-watch the series for free and for a limited time only via YouTube Super Stream. Kuha mo?

After Anna was killed in a car accident, the gatekeeper of heaven, tagged as “Tagabantay”, decided to not send her yet to hell. She was given an opportunity to relive her life and make amends with those people she wronged while she was still alive – but as a kid (Xyriel Manabat) and for 100 days only.

In her journey back to earth, she was able to fulfill her mission bit-by-bit through the help of Sophia Delgado (Jodi Sta. Maria), a kind-hearted young woman who was later on revealed as the daughter she abandoned ever since she was born. Their relationship might not be perfectly cordial, but they were able to work it out as Sophia was able to accept and forgive her biological mom in the end, even before Anna was able to accomplish her mission and finally enter the gates of heaven. The ownership of the company was bequeathed to Sophia as well.

Joining Coney, Jodi, and Xyriel on the show are Joel Torre as Andres and Louise Abuel as Kevin, Sophia’s adoptive father and brother, respectively.

Rafael Rosell played Bart, Sophia’s love interest. Smokey Manaloto and Neil Coleta’s respective characters Bruce and Jopet also added good vibes to the series.

Meanwhile, the antagonists who tried to knock Madam Ana down are Dominic Ochoa as Bobby, Ana’s former assistant, and Valerie Concepcion as Miranda, Bobby’s wife and the mastermind behind Ana’s killing. 

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