Bukingan time! Teleserye cast members spilled the tea about their co-stars in 2023

As the year closes, we can’t help but reminisce about the countless moments of laughter and surprises that teleserye stars hared during interviews. From behind-the-scenes shenanigans to juicy revelations, these cast members of Kapamilya series spilled the tea about their co-stars.

Get ready for some fun throwback fest featuring the most entertaining and unexpected teleserye ‘bukingan’ sessions of 2023.

In the December 20 episode of Kapamilya Chat, Elisse Joson took on the Bukingan Challenge where she revealed who’s who among the four main stars of “Pira-Pirasong Paraiso” – Elisse, Loisa Andalio, Charlie Dizon, and Alexa Ilacad.


She disclosed that Charlie is the bubbly girl of the group, the one who loves to laugh before and after takes however heavy or intense the scene is. She’s that one co-star “na nanggugulo sa standby area.” Meanwhile, she shared that Loisa is the “girl scout” of the gang, the one who brings a lot of stuff to the set. The best thing is her co-stars find convenience in borrowing from her well-prepared stash.

Even if we can’t visit artists’ taping location, we can always take a peek into their happy set, thanks to the exclusive stories and behind-the-scene secrets they share. In another episode of Kapamilya Chat, McCoy de Leon and Yukii Takahashi talked about their “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo” co-actors.


They were asked who among the cast members often messes up their lines. After struggling to pick a specific co-actor, McCoy decided to step forward, saying he often gets ‘bulol’ because his character speaks fast.


Both McCoy and Yukii mentioned Charo Santos when asked whom they got starstruck with. Yukii revealed that her first scene with the veteran actress was also their first meeting in real life, and she was so captivated by her presence.


McCoy share that John Estrada is like his second father on the set and that the seasoned actor brings extra food for the cast. The most talkative are Ronwaldo and Happy Marcial, he added.

We know you’ve been getting tons of good vibes from the episodes of “Can’t Buy Me Love.” Things got even better when cast member Kaila Estrada treated us to some behind-the-scenes ‘kwento’ on Kapamilya Chat.


She was first asked who the most talkative cast member is, to which she answered, “Albie Casiño.” She personally loves listening to Albie’s stories because he's so animated  that it’s not hard to imagine what exactly he’s talking about.


She also picked Albie as the “best in tulog” or the one who can fall asleep easily on the set.


Since the cast and crew love to bond over food, she replied, “Lahat,” when asked for the most “mahilig manlibre” or generous cast member. She also thinks everyone has their own level of ‘kulit’ especially when they gather at the waiting area, "‘Pag nag-start yung chikahan, parang lahat nagiging makulit na.”


Kaila humbly came forward when asked who stutters a lot or “pinakabulol” among them, saying, “Feeling ko ako ‘yun kasi bulol ako, eh. ‘Yun ang isa sa mga challenges ko sa life, parang, medyo mabagal kasi ako magsalita, so ‘pag snappy ‘yung delivery ng lines nabubulol ako.” Nonetheless, she’s learning.


Then, she named Maris Racal as the funniest one, disclosing that some of Maris’ ‘hirits’ in a scene are unscripted. Asked about the co-star she got starstruck with, Kaila shared that more than starstruck, she felt ‘kilig’ the first time she saw Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano together. 

The ‘kilig’ is real in “Can’t Buy Me Love,” and so is the off-cam bond among the cast members. Kapamilya Chat also tapped Joao Constancia to reveal some exciting, intriguing behind-the-scenes happenings from the beloved DonBelle series.


Asked to name the cast member “na mahilig manlibre,” he mentioned that Darren Espanto treated him to lunch one time. Darren is also that one co-star who brings too much stuff, “At least kung may kailangan ka, hihingi ka lang sa kanya,” he quipped. He named Darren as the co-star “na madaling matawa” as well.


Asked who stutters a lot during takes, he says none, as everyone arrives on set prepared.  This inspires him to also give his best in every scene.


He revealed that Albie Casiño is the sleepyhead of the group, confirming what Kaila said in previous episode. Joao is so fascinated with his on-screen mom Ruffa Gutierrez’s bubbly attitude, thus she is his constant source of laughter. She’s also that co-star whom he got starstruck with, given her stunning beauty and pleasant personality.


Lastly, the cast member “na mahilig mangulit sa waiting area” is none other than Belle Mariano. “She likes being with people she knows. Palagi siyang naghahanap ng kakwentuhan.”

In the December 1 episode, Darren Espanto disclosed what Donny and Belle are like off-cam. he revealed, “Siyempre magka-holding hands.” Jokes aside, he sees the love team’s professionalism, as well as of their other co-stars. “Para lang kaming isang pamilya lang talaga, isang barkada na nagyayayaan kumain. Kapag dinner breaks, magkakasama po kaming lahat. Everyone is helping ach other out. Kapag may mabibigat po na eksena, parang, andiyan lang kami for each other or for everyone to guide along the process of the scene,” he said of his CBML family.

Classroom wars on-cam, barkada goals off-cam!


There’s no doubt that the cast of mystery-drama series “Senior High” loves to spend time together in real life. They have vlogs, behind-the-scenes photos and all to serve as proof. Given their closeness, they had so much to reveal when asked to play a who’s who game called “Spill The Tea.”


In a series of videos, Andrea Brillantes, Kyle Echarri, Xyriel Manabat, Zaijian Jaranilla, Gela Atayde, Daniela Stranner, Juan Karlos Labajo, Tommy Alejandrino, Miggy Jimenez, and Elijah Canlas voted for the cast member who is most generous, most energetic, early bird, most tardy, has the biggest appetite, and the biggest bully of the group.


Just like in a real-life high school circle, some secrets shared are intriguing, and some are hilarious. But beyond the revelations, one thing we enjoyed in this “bukingan” game was getting a glimpse of the “Senior High squad’s fun and refreshing dynamic.