Billy, Jhong thank supporters of the Billy-Vhong Dance Craze

On “It’s Showtime’s” live telecast today, Billy Crawford and Jhong Hilario performed the famous Billy-Vhong Dance during Sine Mo ‘To’s opening number and acknowledged reporter Marc Logan and “TV Patrol” for featuring the Billy-Vhong Dance Craze last night, February 5, on the segment, ‘Mga Kwento ni Marc Logan’.

Billy and Jhong also thanked everyone for their support as uploaded videos of various madlang people performing the dance craze were featured during the newscast. Billy even quipped that his last name has now become ‘Vhong’ for people refer to him as Billy-Vhong. Jhong, on the other hand, mentioned that the dance craze has rapidly spread as it has become a staple in some parties and celebrations.  

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