Ben&Ben collaborates with Cream Silk

Mahiwaga. Magical. The rise of Ben&Ben is nothing short of this. From a group of nine sessionistas, these talented individuals came together to become Ben&Ben — a band that has made its mark in the music landscape both here and abroad. Looking at all that this group has accomplished, it’s quite surprising to recall that they actually are a pretty young group. They hit the ground running in 2017, and they haven’t stopped since. Driven by passion, friendship, respect, and love for music, they have soared to new heights and continually break boundaries.


ben and ben ben ben cream silk creamsilk philippines concert virtual concert



Ben&Ben continually challenged themselves and showed everyone that there was more that could be done. There was nothing that stopped them from moving forward. They held virtual gigs, took on new challenges, interacted with their audience, and composed music. Their daily posts serve as a testament to their dedication to their and as an inspiration for everyone to celebrate life. 

Yet again, Ben&Ben is set to break another record. Early this year, the brothers’ jet-black hair featured in a fan-made meme that went viral. Where women would usually be the face of Cream Silk’s products, the meme that placed Paolo and Miguel’s profiles in their place quickly spread like wildfire and was received positively. Little did anyone know that this was just the beginning of something huge, something revolutionary. For the first time in history, the premier beauty brand in the country is enlisting male ambassadors: Paolo and Miguel Benjamin! 



How apt that the band that has been instrumental in making the OPM industry even stronger is chosen to represent Cream Silk, the brand that is responsible for beautifully reborn hair! Inspired by one of their hit songs, “Araw-Araw”, Ben&Ben has recently released the song “Cream Silk Araw-Araw”. Just as Ben&Ben’s music keeps uplifting souls, so does Cream Silk uplift our hair. Truth is, just shampooing is never enough. While shampoo can cleanse hair, it can also strip off hair’s natural moisture and leave it dry and brittle. This is where Cream Silk’s Ultimate Reborn Conditioners come in. It has Tri-Oleo Complex, infused with Argan, Rosehip, and Marula oils to make your hair straighter, stronger, and smoother when used every day. Look your best with #CreamSilkArawAraw for ultimately reborn hair. 

This project is definitely another win for Ben&Ben, and one that is worth celebrating. To mark this magical collaboration, Ben&Ben and Cream Silk invites everyone to a free online concert happening this August 8, 2021 at 8:00 pm. The concert also comes in time for the much-awaited 8.8 sale, so make sure you watch out for discounts and Ben&Ben freebies on Shopee and Lazada!


ben and ben ben ben cream silk creamsilk philippines concert virtual concert


This virtual performance will stream live on the official ABS-CBN Facebook Page. Even more magical are the amazing offers in store that day. Not only do you get treated to your fave Ben&Ben songs, you also get a chance to win exclusive merchandise and freebies. An extra special treat: 10 lucky viewers get a chance to have an private meet-and-greet with the band in an exclusive Zoom call! 

Don’t forget to save the date! Mark your calendars and set your alarms to August 8, 8:00 pm, because you definitely don’t want to miss out on this. For more details about Cream Silk, visit All Things Hair at or BeautyHub.PH at
It just gets better and better every day! Save the date and witness the magic of #CreamSilkBenandBen.