Baron & Cristine Kapamilya Chat

From first working together in the Kapamilya teleserye “Eva Fonda” over 15 years ago, Baron Geisler and Cristine Reyes reunite, infusing their craft with more depth and maturity. They combine their acting prowess to create chemistry and a poignant narrative about the complexities of love and blended family in the film “Dearly Beloved.”

What was it like working with each other again? What has changed and what has remained in their dynamic as co-actors? Find out in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

Having already established a profound familiarity with each other, coupled with a wealth of experience in storytelling, Baron and Cristine skipped the chemistry workshops for their new movie project. Instead, their chemistry flourished on a personal level, as they rebuilt their rapport through heartfelt conversations about their personal lives which deepened their respect for each other as actors and individuals. Baron credits Cristine for being the first to approach him and his wife, laying the foundation for their camaraderie.

Both actors share a deep admiration for each other's body of work. Cristine, in particular, mentioned that she has watched Baron’s acclaimed film “Dollhouse,” directed by Marla Ancheta, who also directs their current project. Thus, she was thrilled to join Baron and Marla’s tried-and-tested tandem in a bittersweet film which is a modern interpretation of Christopher de Leon and Vilma Santos’ classic masterpiece, “Relasyon.”

“I’m really happy that I get to work with brilliant people, especially Baron. ‘Di ba mga bagong directors na ngayon, new generation, like Marla Ancheta? Mga brave producers also, and brilliant child actors na kasama rin namin sa movie. I’m happy and thankful that I’m blessed with this project,” Cristine stated. She emphasized that every member of the team has dedicated themselves to delivering not only to the audience but also to enriching the industry as a whole.

“Ito ‘yung pelikula na sumasalamin sa ibang pamilya na hindi masyadong pinag-uusapan ang kanilang sitwasyon lalo na hindi sila perfect at ideal family,” she described the movie. Baron was then prompted to ponder on the beauty of imperfections, as he himself is deeply moved by the many chances he’s received to redeem his acting career despite the flaws of his past. That’s why he remains grateful, attributing all good things in his life to God’s grace alone. Despite the pressure that comes with second chances, he uses it as a motivation to deliver his best.

Together, Baron and Cristine combine their acting prowess to breathe life into characters and a story that moviegoers will root for. With this project, the stars have once again aligned for local cinema.

Working on “Dearly Beloved” has forged a strong bond among Baron, Cristine, and their co-stars. This means fun and juicy revelations as they take on Kapamilya Chat’s “Bukingan Challenge”, where they must match the given descriptions to their castmates.

Their first task was to name the cast member with the heartiest appetite. Baron initially thought of Cristine, noting that she loves food although she tends to eat in small portions. But he also thinks their child co-actors fit this description.

On the other hand, she nominated him as the cast member with a wealth of stories to tell, noting his penchant for sharing personal anecdotes and light-hearted jokes. She added that veteran actor Rey PJ Abellana loves to share stories imbued with wisdom as well.

The sweetest one would be director Marla Ancheta for Cristine. For Baron, it was Cristine herself who left a lasting impression with her authenticity in all their on- and off-cam interactions. This reminded Cristine of Baron's wife, Jamie, who was also there on the set to show support and warmth to everyone. She believes Baron is lucky to have his wife.

Of course, the kids are voted as the most energetic. But when it comes to the cast member who is most likely to catch some sleep while on break, Cristine jokingly owned that category. In her defense, she explained that it’s necessary to recharge especially after intense scenes.

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Catch “Dearly Beloved” in cinemas starting March 30. The film also stars Althea Ruedas, Phoebe Walker, JC Tiuseco, Robbie Watchel, TG Daylusan, Charles Law, Ivan Padilla, Rey PJ Abellana, Marissa Sanchez, Ana Luna, Erica Ladiza, Guji Lorenzana and Nicco Manalo.