Barbie Almalbis’ "Umagang Kay Ganda" thanks frontliners and urges Filipinos to be hopeful

It has been six months since news of the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. The entire world was shaken with the drastic changes it demanded, and morale is at an all-time low. All over the country, Filipinos struggle to deal with the “new normal” and the hopelessness that threatens to pull one down.

Yet, in the midst of darkness, there are still flickering sparks of hope. It can be seen in the resilience of our frontliners, in the moments shared with our loved ones, in the food we partake as a family, and in the message of hope that a song can bring. These are the moments highlighted in the music video “Umagang Kay Ganda”, a collaboration between singer-songwriter Barbie Almalbis and Magnolia Dari Creme. This Filipino pop classic that has been around since the ‘70s, sung with Barbie’s distinct soulful flavor, serves as an inspiring anthem in these troubled times.

“The current situation has taught us so many things and has highlighted our great need for connection and real relationships,” says Barbie. “I am grateful that through creativity and with the help of technology, we can still be emotionally connected to our communities and families even while we are physically isolated.”

This heartfelt tune is also a gift of thanks to the frontliners, who lovingly serve in their own little way. “I hope we continue to work together to see the end of this pandemic sooner than later. May we not give up encouraging one another, finding strength in God and holding on the hope that He has for us. Haharapin natin is a reminder to let go of the fear, to know that we are in this together, and to look forward to the dawn of a brighter tomorrow."

The music video was launched last July 30, and has since garnered over 10.4M views (8.8 views on FB and 1.6M on Youtube), 256K reactions and 1.8K comments (Barbie Almalbis FB page). “I was definitely touched by the way people responded to "Umagang Kay Ganda." Some even made their own renditions, and others shared their stories and encouraging messages on social media,” shares Barbie. “I’m grateful that it has somehow helped people find hope and joy in middle of these troubling times.”

Barbie Almalbis Umagang Kay Ganda thanks frontliners and urges Filipinos to be hopeful 1

A simple act can inspire greatness, and a simple tune can spell the difference between giving up and pushing on. As Dari Creme makes the simplest food delicious, so does Barbie Almalbis’ rendition of "Umagang Kay Ganda" make a mark on those who hear it. “Music has always been a great source of joy and comfort. There have obviously been many tough days during this lockdown, and music is one of the things that has helped ease our anxiety, encouraged us towards faith, and given us comfort and pockets of happiness,” says Barbie.

Indulge in a little moment of happiness and hope today by listening to "Umagang Kay Ganda" – Barbie Almalbis x Magnolia Dari Creme, available on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes.

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