Back on iWant: Good vibes and kilig from "Be Careful With My Heart"

It's the perfect time to catch up on the iconic series that's filled with inspiration and much-needed ‘kilig’!

“Be Careful With My Heart” changed the face of morning TV when it aired in 2012, as Maya (Jodi Sta. Maria) and Sir Chief (Richard Yap) brought good vibes and comfort to Filipinos all over the world. It didn’t have a villain, only lovable characters who showed us the value of family and the “kapit bisig” attitude.
We can’t think of a better time to revisit the iconic series, especially at this time when people need inspiration and much-needed ‘kilig’!
To save us the time of searching for its highlights (it ran for two years, after all!), streaming service iWant is reissuing the series in clearer resolution, arranged in chapters, and available for free.
Here are some of memorable moments from the series guaranteed to make you smile and brighten up your mood:

1. Be careful with my... dream? 

Maya has had her eyes on her would-be boss even before they “officially” met. And when she unintentionally let Sir Chief in on her long-kept secret, even the usually stern businessman had to be coy and cute.



2. Sir Chief's ideal girl


Was Maya teasing Sir Chief, or was it the other way around?



3. Maya's "haba ng hair" moment

Sir Chief only intended to drop off Maya at her training school, but instead picked up more ‘pogi’ points when he told her these witty yet sweet words equivalent to a mic drop.



4. Sir Chief's cheeky "I love you”


We remember this scene as if it only aired on TV yesterday. It not only sent the whole internet abuzz, but got our lolas and titas talking! What would you do if you were Maya in this situation?



5. Their unexpected first kiss


After a romantic and spontaneous date, Maya invited Sir Chief to stay awhile, only to be rejected by him. Before he informed her that he needed to go home, he planted a sweet kiss on her lips, leaving her speechless (Us, too!).



6. “Tayo na"


Worried about what other people might think, Maya asked Sir Chief to give her some time to think about their potential relationship. Here, she proudly declares her feelings after reluctantly doing so for the first time.



7. Sir Chief puts a ring on it


In one of the most ‘kilig’ moments of the series, Sir Chief set his proposal onboard a cruise ship. A clueless Maya stumbled on a rose-covered deck where he got down on one knee and popped the question.



8. Throwback prenup


For their prenup shoot, Richard surprised Maya by bringing her to Jones Bridge where they first crossed paths.



9. Offically Mr. and Mrs. Lim


Held at the Basilica de San Martin de Tours in Taal, Batangas, the much-awaited wedding of Richard and Maya was a pure celebration of love, where two souls declared their undying love for one another and began a new life together.



10. Enjoying the simple life


While they were in her hometown San Nicolas, Maya shared with her husband the simple joys she cherished while growing up there. And as Maya teased his husband that he couldn’t possibly live the country life, Sir Chief insisted he could live simple as long as he was with Maya. That’s togetherness through thick and thin right there.



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