Angelica, Loisa, Barbie, Maris, and Elisse explore why’s of heartbreak in “The Goodbye Girl”

Why aren’t we enough for the people we love? Why do they leave us or don’t love us back?

Angelica Panganiban explores the why’s of heartbreak in iWantTFC’s original series "The Goodbye Girl” with Loisa Andalio, Barbie Imperial, Maris Racal, and Elisse Joson as they navigate their journey to healing after facing rejection, indifference, and pain.

Based on the book of the same name by best-selling author Noreen Capili, “The Goodbye Girl” illustrates the five types of heartbroken women while sharing valuable lessons on how to conquer heartbreak and coming out of it stronger, wiser, and better.

Directed by Derick Cabrido, this six-episode series is iWantTFC’s Valentine’s Day offering, streaming worldwide exclusively on the iWantTFC app and website on February 14, with new episodes dropping daily.

The show is narrated by Yanna (Angelica), a financial advisor-turned-author whose world crumbles when she comes home to her husband, Y (RK Bagatsing), who announces he will be leaving her for his one great love. Yanna immediately gets drunk and hops on social media to livestream her miserable situation. Her relatable story goes viral overnight, and she becomes known as “The Goodbye Girl.”

Angelica Loisa Barbie Maris and Elisse explore why s of heartbreak in The Goodbye Girl  1

Yanna finds her new purpose in life, which is to give online advice to people who have gone through the same thing. One day, she gets a book deal from a charming publisher named Jeff (JC De Vera) to write about the stories her followers have shared with her and the advice she’s given them.

Meet Mara (Loisa), “The Clueless Girl,” an actress who seems to have everything but can’t figure out why no one is willing to stay with her. Her ex-boyfriends have dumped her for no obvious reason – not even a third party – including her most recent one, Gab (Ronnie Alonte). Why do men fall in love with her quickly, but dump her just as fast?

Kiera (Barbie), meanwhile, is “The Other Girl” who becomes dissatisfied with being the mistress to Franco (Turs Daza), a married man. When she realizes that he may never fully commit to her, Kiera befriends his wife to get to know the “competition,” only to discover that she is just one of the many women being strung along by Franco.

Ria (Maris), “The Bitter Hopia,” seems to be getting mixed signals in her relationship with band member Caio (Rico Blanco). Everything about them is casual – the sex, the friendship, the connection – but she keeps hoping for more. Is he just not capable of giving love, or is she the problem?

Julia (Elisse), “The Legally Blind,” is a hopeful bride-to-be. She knows her fiancé Ean (Joshua Colet) is a womanizer, but believes he is only making the most out of his remaining bachelor days. She puts up with his behavior as he promises her he will stop having affairs with other women after they get married.

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Angelica Loisa Barbie Maris and Elisse explore why s of heartbreak in The Goodbye Girl  2

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