Revamped Magandang Buhay set

Keeping the house beautiful and welcoming is only one thing that determines a happy home life. Moms can also create a space that’s in harmony with Mother Earth, one that is sustainable without compromising comfort, aesthetics, and more so the budget.

Magandang Buhay Old setup

The momshies are saying goodbye to disparate colors and accents from the old set to say hello to a refreshing minimalist space.

In that vein, Magandang Buhay momshies considered the impact of a sustainable lifestyle in choosing key items to refresh their second shelter, the studio, in time for their sixth anniversary.

Magandang Buhay new setup

They found the perfect partner in IKEA, a brand committed to helping Filipino families embrace a sustainable life at home with small and easy steps that create a huge positive impact on the environment, through household pieces that are beautifully designed yet eco-friendly.

Below, is a round-up of all the details you’d love about the Magandang Buhay set makeover, especially for moms looking for a style peg that’s fresh and warm.


The standout sofa

Magandang Buhay sofa

The guest area features a functional sofa from IKEA. Wide enough and sophisticated, VIMLE sofa is the best seating solution for endless catching up and just chilling with family and friends. It is equal part comfortable, minimalist, and sustainable, thanks to its customizable sections and washable covers. The VIMLE sofa is made with a 10-year guarantee, so with its durability comes less waste but more savings in the pocket. 


Eco-friendly kitchenware

Magandang Buhay Eco-friendly kitchenware

IKEA BLANDA MATT bowl adds natural beauty to the kitchen corner. Best of all, it’s made of bamboo which is sustainable for many reasons including its ability to grow to full size in just three to four months. Apart from being one of the world’s fastest-growing plants, bamboo doesn’t need chemical treatments such as fertilizers and pesticides, making it safe and more hygienic. Strong and durable, home items made of bamboo will last long, so you can worry less about the possibility of deterioration. IKEA continues to explore the qualities of bamboo that make it an excellent raw material in producing furniture, bathroom décor, baskets, lamps, and other products. 

Momshies like to cook and entertain, making the kitchen also a spot for connecting with family and guests. And with the BLANDA MATT bowl, everyone will look forward to snack time bonding!


Versatile table

Magandang Buhay Versatile table

Serve the BLANDA MATT bowls using the affordable Scandinavian GLADOM table which can be easily lifted around in different areas of the home. It can be a sofa side table, a nightstand, or even hold your plant vases. Proving more of its functionality, the tray is removable and easy to carry, so which makes it totally portable. Who doesn’t love items that can be used to their full potential?


Adaptable shelves

Magandang Buhay Adaptable shelves

Moms are the most flexible people on earth, so the minimalist, strong, and sturdy KALLAX shelf that really does a lot is totally on-brand. The all-around shelving units can be mounted on a wall, placed lying on the floor, and even used as a room divider or a desk in the living room. Even better: moms who hate clutter may personalize the shelves with inserts (drawers and boxes) for a neater look.


Refreshing greens

Magandang Buhay Refreshing greens

The corner got a burst of lush and cozy feeling, thanks to the artificial potted plants designed to look as fresh as the natural versions without the fuss of water, sunlight, and temperature requirements. With IKEA’s faux plants, everything is possible. Even when placed in a corner with low light, left for days while you enjoy a vacation, you’d come home to fresh-looking greeneries every time.


Chic statement piece

Magandang Buhay Chic statement piece

The momshies brought out their love for all things stylish with IKEA’s KNARDRUP rug that’s soft and easy to match with other elements in the house. The best part: it’s made from recycled materials. 

Redecorating the home and shopping for furniture and accessories go beyond just looking into the aesthetics. Moms also feel relaxed when the house is curated with sustainable principles. Thankfully, it doesn’t require intimidating and expensive actions to create an eco-friendly space and jumpstart a sustainable life at home. All you need to do is start small, as the momshies did by bringing environment-friendly, made-to-last furniture pieces from IKEA into the studio.     

IKEA provides the Filipino family with simple ways to kick-start their journey to sustainability, with a wide range of products that are affordable, plus campaigns and programs and operational practices dedicated to promote positive impact for the people and the planet.

If you’re ready to move forward in a greener, more sustainable life at home, start small, start here. Dig deeper into sustainable life at home with IKEA by visiting its official website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest pages.